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Welcome to the Holistic Life Design system 1.0 version. You will find a lot of helpful tools, techniques, and habits to practice to be able to improve and design your life the way you please. You may adjust whatever you need to make it compatible for your life. Enjoy.

created by Kev Yfe Nbtu & Luke Genesis

This is the in-depth guide how to holistically design your life.

This guide is still in the process of being finished.

Project Creation date: March 12, 2020

It is now completely free for access and being updated consistently.


This project will help others be able to create a synergistic lifestyle to incorporate daily. It involves tracking many aspects of a holistic life. These things will be dissected down to their core and can be tracked. You will also receive a sense of control in your life direction as well as energetic management and task organization. Many elements of personal development will be used to assist with the design system. There will also be biblical concepts and Christian principles used as well. Use what’s compatible according to your own faith and adjust as necessary. This is everything that I wish I knew when I got dropped into society and this world. 


  1. Achieve a higher level of happiness / emotional state control: You will be able to overall control your emotions and almost never have any fluctuations in how you feel. 95% of the time you will feel “High”, “blissful”, “calm”, and “Relaxed”. 
  2. Effective energetic management: You will have better energetic circulation and control. Your body will feel a smoother flow of energy, better oxygenation, and full of vibrancy. 
  3. Connect deeply with the Most High: You will consistently pray every day and listen to music that energizes or replenishes the Holy Spirit. This will gradually mold you to become more and more like Jesus Christ who is a perfect representation of God. There will be utilization of the autopilot God GPS system. 
  4. Develop High charisma & Self-confidence: Your Self-image will improve and the people who are around you will be drawn to you and your newly developed attractiveness and charisma. 
  5. Enhance all 13 areas of Your Life: You will know exactly what to work on because your life is composed of 13 areas which are Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Spiritual, Energetics, Social + Friends, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Physical Fitness, Career & Business, Family, and Mental + Emotional Well-being. 
  6. High Alkaline Ph in the Body: You will consume more alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables and drink alkaline water. Alkaline water can be made through a reverse osmosis filtration system with alkalinization capabilities or by dropping a very tiny hint of baking soda in your drinking water. A deep breathing technique can also be utilized to build higher ph levels in the body because breathing takes out the acidity and regulates ph levels. 


To know that this project has been successfully executed, there will be several requirements. There will be milestones to be completed one by one and in order to know if you have successfully been utilizing the holistic life design system created by Kev Yfe Nbtu and Luke Genesis. Here are the milestones below:


  1. Write a gratitude List every day

This will be a daily habit to engage in every day. It is best used in the morning to supercharge positive emotions right when you wake up and prepare for your day. This will shift your overall perception of life as well and train you to seek the good in all things. It will also improve your connection with the Most High

  1. Create a Self-Inventory and Review it every day

A self-inventory is a list of everything you find good about yourself and the value you bring to the world. By creating a long self-inventory list and reviewing this list every day, you will create and maintain unshakeable confidence and also learn to appreciate all of your strengths and your overall value. This will also be emanated to others and they will be drawn to your confidence.

  1. Do an organized mind dump every day

An organized mind dump involves creating a list of 3 sections: Mind Dump, Concern, and Influence. The mind dump list is where you list out everything that is currently on your mind off the top of your head. The concern list is where you take all the things on the Mind Dump list that is completely out of your control. The Influence list is where you take everything on your mind dump list that you do have control over. This is called Organized Mind Dumping. This is all preferably done on a computer or phone. We recommend Evernote. This way you will know the things you can actually take action on and the things you don’t have any control over which you will pray about instead. This will also alleviate most of your anxiety and worries. 

  1. Create a Self-Expression Catharsis Notebook 

A self-expression catharsis notebook is a book that acts like a journal except instead of like a formal journal, you write whatever the heck you feel like writing in the moment, sort of like tapping into a stream of consciousness free-flowing and expressing all your emotions bottled inside. This will generate mental + emotional clarity and promote well-being in these two areas. It is like your own free personal therapist. You will write in it as if someone is listening and understanding every word. All your shame, distrust, guilt, anger, anxieties, and worries can be cast into that notebook. Anything goes. It will bring complete emotional and mental freedom. There are no flaws, no grading system, no standards to be met in this book. You can also write as if God is listening to you. 

  1. Pray to the Heavenly Father the Most High every day 

You can find out how to pray from a pastor at church or online. This also connects back to the Mind dumping system and your Concern list (problems or things in which you have no control over). You will pray to God to help you resolve these problems, things or situations that you cannot control written in the Concern list. You will release these “concerns” over to Him and he will reassure you with his Peace. You will praise and worship God in your prayer and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day so you can operate more and more like Jesus Christ. Listening to worship music is also a form of prayer. Remember to use prayer & reverence for God to humble yourself.

  1. Create a list of Favorite Bible verses and Read them Every day

Sift through the entire Bible and see which Bible verses resonate with your whole being. Write those verses down on a list. We recommend using Evernote. Build your initial list of up to 5 verses. And keep adding on to it as you achieve more and more biblical understanding granted by the Holy Spirit. This will create a strong spiritual foundation for your soul and prevent spiritual attacks from evil spirits that want to invade your mental & emotional space. 

  1. Create a Life-Inventory List 

The life inventory contains a whole list of your 13 areas of life which are Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Spiritual, Energetics, Social + Friends, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Physical Fitness, Career & Business, Family, and Mental + Emotional Well-being. This will give you a birds eye view of how your life is currently going and how you can improve it and what to work on / focus on to make further progress. Make a list under each area of all the things in your life that constitute that particular area. 

  1. Use the LSJF System 

The LSJF system stands for Leg Stretching, Squats, Jumping Jacks, & Floss Dance system. Using this system will give you amazing energetic circulation and improve energetic control / regulation. You will rarely feel tired ever again during your days. You will strengthen your lower body and potentially burn calories & lose fat as well. This will also make your brain release endorphins that boost your entire mood. Use this preferably in the morning to set the tone for the whole day or whenever you feel blocked energetically. Your body heat will increase when doing this and also burn away most impurities or entities / evil spirits attached to the solar plexus area giving you more emotional and mental freedom. 

  1. Create a List of Your Advantages Over the Average Person

Having a list of all your advantages over the average person will help you to utilize the strengths you currently have and make the best out of life. This will also eradicate the victim mentality that is installed into our mind by default in society. By having this list, you will be able to understand your strengths and why you will be able to generate success or life synergy more easily than the average person. This list can be long or short, but by making a list of these, you will be able to double-down on what you have that you can take advantage of and progress more quickly during your life-time. This will also reinforce your self-confidence. Also keep in mind that an advantage does not mean you are “better” than anyone in life, it simply means you have certain benefits available to you that you can utilize to progress on your path more easily in which others cannot. Always be sure to cultivate & practice humility. 

  1.  Use YouTube as a Free Education system 

After incorporating all these elements, you must also elevate your knowledge. In this current information day and age, we have free access to knowledge at our fingertips. When used properly, it is extremely effective. Most people use YouTube as an entertainment platform but it can be used to educate yourself as well. To use YouTube as an education system, all you need to do is create a playlist that is designed only for adding videos that will further your knowledge or improve your life. You can add an unlimited amount of videos to watch in your playlist for this knowledge accumulation. You can tune into your playlist whenever you are free and YouTube also saves where you left off so you can continue the playlist at your own leisure. This is a very effective way to educate yourself for free. As you do this more often, your “selection muscle” will be improved as well and the videos you add will provide more and more value to you. 

  1.  Drink Hot Water or Tea every day  

When you drink hot water, it will improve your digestion as well as burn away all impurities and entities latching on to the solar plexus. It also calms your nervous system so you won’t experience as much anxiety or stress. The key thing it does is that it improves your energetic circulation, which will make your body feel much better and energized. The heat in the water also improves your blood flow and you become more healthy overall.

  1.  Create a To-Do / Agenda List every day

Making a To-Do / Agenda List is very useful for managing your time and day. When you list out all the things you want to get done during the day, you can tackle all of your tasks with intense focus and attention. The practice of doing lists like this every day will also give you a sense of relief and dopamine release whenever you complete a task. The more you start doing this, the more you will enjoy it and continue to do it. It is a constant cycle of productivity and dopamine release. The key though is to not put too many on the list all at once if you are unable to complete everything, or set tasks aside for the next day. When you complete your entire list, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and become more confident as well. You can use this system to motivate yourself to do things you’ve been putting off and with discipline in the initial phase, you can slowly transform it into an emotionally positive & productive habit. 

  1.  Program yourself with your own Audio Recordings

To do this, all you need is your phone and your voice memo recorder and you can record a message that will program you to do a certain thing. The same concept applies when we are bombarded with advertisements and constant marketing from companies that want us to do a certain thing like buy a product or a political campaign that wants us to vote for a particular candidate. Everything is programming and propaganda. If you can program yourself, you will change all your behaviors, actions, and thoughts. You can write out the program first in text, and then record it by reading it. Listen to your recordings over and over until it is embedded in your mind. You can also record motivational messages for yourself or even record your own prayers. The ways to utilize Audio recordings are endless! This practice will surely break you out of the “matrix” of society. 

  1.  Create a Compliments List

Creating a Compliments List is easy. Just write down all the compliments that people have ever given to you and keep adding on to this List. This list will serve as a mood booster whenever you feel a little down or negative. You can easily add this to your morning routine every day in addition to all the other Milestones listed here. This will also reinforce your self-esteem and allow you to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Most people do not keep a list of their compliments and totally forget what people have complimented them on. Knowing what you are good at and the value you bring to those around you will always boost your mood for the better. 

  1.  Design your Ideal Self 

To Design your Ideal Self, all you need to do is get a blank sheet or document, and first write your full name. Then right below your name, list out all the things you wish to become in the future. This will be better if you are specific as possible and in clear detail. You can list all the attributes, traits, behaviors that you wish to engage in and also the kinds of emotions you wish to feel. It is similar to creating a list for manifestations but this is more leaning towards the identity side of who you become rather than the accumulation of things. After designing your ideal self, read it over each day while you are in a good mood which is best done after you do the gratitude system to program yourself to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become. 

  1.  Create a Positive Affirmations List

Affirmations are “I AM” statements which are used to shift your overall programming when it comes to changing your overall identity. While you may design your ideal self, you will need affirmations to shift or replace the old thinkings of your old self to match that of your new ideal self. This is subconscious rewiring when you read the list over and over and you will be able to shift into your new identity. This is that powerful stuff. 

  1.  Book personal consulting / mentorship sessions online 

In this digital age of 2020, there is access to apps that allow you to connect with experts and people with experience in the things, interests, & passions you are pursuing. They can help you shorten your learning curve drastically, offer valuable perspectives & insights, and also help you feel better too about the overall picture of your life. This is a valuable investment in yourself to partake in. 

The system & content will be updated further. More techniques will be added here. In the mean time, you can click here to access the blog or click here to access the available courses.

Thank you for reading and God bless you!

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