Daily Message Board

Daily Message Board

Here you will find all of the personalized messages or announcements written by the founder of this website Kev Yfe Nbtu or by his close associates. There may be multiple messages left a day and the home page cannot show it all and you will be able to see them all here. Thank you for reading!

Enjoying my Vacation, Reaching Spiritual Enlightenment, & Achieving Heaven on Earth

Hey it’s Kevin again. Been a long time since I updated the DMB, but I am back now. I have been working hard and even experienced a spiritual enlightenment within this last month or so. I look forward to launching Holistic Life Design where we can start offering free courses to help people on their journey. I will also create premium courses / programs as well which can accelerate the process even further. For now, I am currently on vacation which is why I have stopped releasing an article every single day. I’ve achieved the feeling of heaven on earth and after having a conversation with God the Most High, I’ve learned to take care of myself and put myself as a top priority second to God and make sure that I am doing well. I am grateful to everyone that reads the blog here, we get a multitude of visitors every day which makes me feel so fulfilled and blissed out in life.

We have also achieved 42.4k views and 6,299 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Sunday – 5:48 PM – September 6, 2020)

Diving into E-Commerce, Donald Trump, & Money Manifestations

Wassup, it’s the boss. As promised, over 80 articles have been released daily nonstop & will continue to be released. I am also now working on an E-commerce store for my father and the design is turning out pretty well. Getting used to writing, blogging & website design overall. Seems like the Coronavirus situation & BLM movement isn’t affecting me much at all which is great. Praise God for protecting my mind, body & spirit. Oh I’m also going to just say it right now. Donald Trump is going to win the 2020 election, I’m 98% sure. I have also manifested quite a lot of money with my Holistic Life Design system & donated over $5k to charity in a span of a month. Anyway, God bless you & stay safe. Don’t cause trouble & upgrade yourself!

We have also achieved 40.9k views and 5,631 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Saturday – 6:17 PM – June 13, 2020)

Consistent Release of Articles, Relaxing Video Games, & Affiliate Marketing Business

I’ve been consistently releasing one article a day as usual. During my spare time, I stopped reading books and taking courses for a little bit. Taking some time to relax but also stay working on the blog. I play some games on the PS4 now to relax and stimulate my creativity. Some games I’ve been playing are Fallout 76, Far Cry 5, Mount & Blade, and Farming Simulator 19. These are pretty relaxing to play. I’ve launched my affiliate marketing business. It’s running on autopilot traffic and received 109 visitors as of right now. No sale yet but I’m excited. The blog has racked up 66 articles right now. So plenty of content to enjoy!

We have also achieved 40.8k views and 5,550 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Wednesday – 5:10 PM – May 27, 2020)

Return from my Break, Money Manifestation, & Continued Expansion in Value

Hi everybody, I have started writing articles again just today. I’ve run out of stacked articles I’ve written previously. I am doing quite well once again because I was able to take a nice big break to relax myself and also enjoy some fun / recreation. It is all a part of the Holistic Life Design system that I’ve created. It seems that I was also able to manifest some money from the government to assist me financially as well. Feeling very blessed for that too. My aim now is to continue generating articles which will generate more viewers and eventually release multiple courses that will help people expand their education, knowledge, & intelligence.

We have also achieved 40.5k views and 5,484 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Sunday – 4:35 PM – May 17, 2020)

Re-adjusting my Productivity System, HLD Objectives, & Task Overflow

Hi everybody, last time I said that I am taking a break from the website. I am still taking that break currently because I need some time to re-adjust my productivity system. Currently experiencing a roadblock in terms of getting things done possibly due to putting on too many tasks and so I decided to prioritize the most important ones to the top of my list. I hope that I can be effective enough to continue serving you guys again. My objective for Holistic Life Design now is to write another 20 more articles that bring more value so I can automate the whole system for some time. 

We have also achieved 40k views and 5,258 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Friday – 12:19 PM – May 8, 2020)

Actually taking another vacation for this site. Blog articles are still being released regularly but I will be taking some time to have some fun / recreation which is also a part of Holistic Life Design. I’ve been playing a video game on the PS4 called Fallout 76, very fun and enjoyable. I think I will actively work on this site in about 2 weeks give or take. In that time, I’ll be installing Facebook login functionality and also creating free course content. The premium course release might be postponed to another 150 days, but may release early on a sudden basis. It depends on my level of inspiration & creativity. 

We have also achieved 38.3k views and 4,697 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 6:00 PM – May 4, 2020)

Steady Progress, Diverted Focus + Short Vacation, & Dedicated Focused Faith

Feeling very great about the progress of Holistic Life Design. We are building together little by little and day by day. Lately, I’ve been very busy building multiple websites and I have decided to place my focus back on Holistic Life Design. The articles I’ve pre-written has allowed me to take a short vacation from this website but it’s time to get back on track. I will create more great content for you all and also dedicate myself to improving the site and also strengthen my faith in God the Most High who supports me from behind the scenes. I pray that more people register for the site as well and we will gladly accept more donations from everyone! 

We have also achieved 35.7k views and 3,821 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Tuesday – 9:55 PM – April 28, 2020)

Article Stacking, Login & Registration Installed, Premium Content coming soon!

It’s been 3 days since I posted on the DMB. Just want to say I’m taking a small break from creating content but articles are still being released daily because I’ve stacked up on 15 days of articles. I’ve been working on implementing the login membership & course system. Just want to say they are fully functional now, just need to adjust a few things aesthetically and it will be perfect. You can now register & login to the Holistic Life Design website! We will be adding a subscription-based service for the premium courses that will be released in the future.

We have also achieved 33.5k views and 3,229 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Thursday – 4:10 PM – April 23, 2020)

Great Productivity, Working on SEO & Promotion, My Vision

Feeling extremely productive today! I have been working on the SEO and promotion of this website and we have definitely seen an increase in the views and visitors. I am also continuing to study Og Mandino’s University of Success and the Success Principles by Jack Canfield. They are both great books. I recommend them. I was able to find a mentor as well. She is a successful life coach and business woman and we are working together on establishing my overall vision for my success in life as well as the vision for Holistic Life Design. I’m excited and inspired and I look forward to increasing my knowledge and also improving myself so that I can serve everyone further and maybe even bring more experts on to my team!

We have achieved 31.7k views and 2,895 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 5:57 PM – April 20, 2020)

Early Morning Productivity, Og Mandino’s University of Success, & A Book List page

So it’s a brand new morning! I’ve already completed the majority of the tasks on my productivity lists. Only 2 things left. Writing 2 blog articles for today and also writing down this DMB message. I shall do it with utmost effectiveness. I look forward to writing those articles as well because I discovered a new technique that will allow me to write even better. I’ve also ordered some books and one of them is Og Mandino’s University of Success book and I find it very powerful. I decided to add in a Book List page for this website and there you will be able to see the entire list of books that contribute to the principles of Holistic Life Design. I recommend that you read all of them!

We have also achieved 28.7k views and 819 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Sunday – 6:08 AM – April 19, 2020)

Stacking on Articles, Optimization + Promotion, & Inspiration and Excitement

Hey, I am aiming to write 5 blog articles tonight, so this will generate more time for me to relax and also be able to grow this blog without focusing too much content creation. I can then focus on promotion and traffic and also optimizing the overall aesthetic. Things are looking good so far. Today I felt a little angry for no particular reason at all but I screamed in a pillow and did prayer so I feel a lot better. I hope I can continue to serve you all with effectiveness & efficiency. I feel much inspiration and excitement when I am working on building the Holistic Life Design website.

We have achieved 28.3k views and 816 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Saturday – 6:14 PM – April 18, 2020)

Hiring a Designer, Broken Button, & Trello App

I have decided I will be hiring a wordpress designer / expert to help properly install the course membership system and also fix the mobile layouts of the website! Will be connecting with a person on Upwork very soon for fixing the small glitches and some buttons on the website as well. I have been pretty productive today because I created a compact list using the Trello app. I highly recommend it. Also, the “Load more posts” button on the blog page is kinda broken because it doesn’t show every article on the website. This is a global issue for every wordpress.com website as of right now. We are trying to fix it as soon as possible!

We have achieved 27.8k views and 811 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Friday – 6:25 PM – April 17, 2020)

Course + Membership System Installed with Free Introduction Course Available Soon

Hey It’s me again. Good news! We were able to install the course & membership system early. There will be a free “Introduction to Holistic Life Design” course available to enroll very soon perhaps in the next week or two. You will be able to create an account and also login to access the course. This account you use will be for future premium courses as well. Those courses will be released around September 2020.

We have achieved 27.4k views and 810 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Thursday – 11:28 PM – April 16, 2020)

Future Membership + Course System, SEO Promotion, & Smooth Progress

Another day once again, things are going quite smoothly in terms of professional productivity & value generation. My website is seeing steady growth and impressions every single with zero paid promotion, all free. I believe the SEO is generating some level of results for this HLD website. I will be writing one article today because I have decided to take a break and I’ve already accumulated works in advance by writing 3 articles previously. I am planning to install a membership system and release free courses in about 2 months time because our domain has been newly bought and we need some time to move it to a new registrar to install the .org WordPress functions.

We have achieved 26.2k views and 791 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Tuesday – 3:52 PM – April 14, 2020)

3 Articles A Day, Optimized Productivity, & Added Value

Hi, today I will be continuing to write 3 articles planned for one continued release a day at 12:00AM. I’m sure there is better time to release the articles in which more people will be able to see it, but I’m not sure if I want to think about that now. All you have to know is that an article is released a day so you will have more content to each every single day. I will try my best to add value to your life in every article although some will be personal and simply a sharing of my experience altogether. I have decided that I won’t work as hard and fill my productivity lists up the brim, I am now more casual and yet still productive enough to get things done. I hope you have a good day overall and stay safe!

We have also reached 25.6k views and 783 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 3:25 PM – April 13, 2020)

Continuous Growth, Transferring Knowledge, & Coronavirus

I am currently writing additional blog post articles for the website. We are now at 24.9k views and 769 visitors. I am so happy about how the site is growing steadily and that my hardwork is being valued by others globally all around the world. I am trying my best to add value to the world by providing practical knowledge, techniques, & wisdom that I’ve learned through my studies and experiences. I don’t have any video I want to post today so I’ll leave you all with just this. I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe at home and remain in safe proximity from others if you are going outside. I pray that God will get us through these chaotic times and that the Coronavirus will be eliminated soon!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Saturday – 4:35 PM – April 11, 2020)

Excitement, Better Aesthetics, & Free Promotion

Hi, I am writing this in the middle of the night. Can’t sleep tonight, full of excitement. Yesterday the website received 124 visitors in just one day which is so amazing. I haven’t done much promotion on this at all besides adding it into a URL search engine directory. I also teamed up with some SEO experts just recently, they are helping me promote organically. I was able to also resize the logo properly, it looks a lot more clean and professional now thanks to the suggestion of the WordPress Support team. They are quite reliable and I’m getting way more than I pay for. Also didn’t leave a message for yesterday because I was a little busy.

Another video below I found helpful, valuable, & transformational from my Life Design Reboot playlist. It is pretty foundational to the whole premise of identity shifting in Holistic Life Design as well. Please enjoy.

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Friday – 2:22 AM – April 10, 2020)

Productivity, Consistency, & Stream of Consciousness

Tonight I was able to draft another 2 blog articles for the website. Feeling pretty productive. I think I will be able to keep consistently pushing out content. The outlining process I’m doing is pretty effective as well. I’m also writing from my stream of consciousness so it’s an effortless process overall. The website is currently at 23k views and 725 visitors. I am happy serving you all.

Below is also a video I found motivational & helpful in my Life Design Reboot playlist

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Wednesday – 9:12 PM – April 8, 2020)

Good morning Everyone

A brand new day and we have reached 22k views and 716 visitors. I am currently experimenting with the website’s aesthetics. Blog post articles are already scheduled in for release at 12:00 AM every single day. Looking forward to growing this website even further and provide more valuable content to all my viewers. It is a pleasure and honor to serve you.

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Wednesday – 10:15 AM – April 8, 2020)

Sudden Jump in Exposure / Traffic & Feeling Blessed

Wow there is a sudden jump in the website views & visitors. It hit 21k views & 715 visitors. I’m not sure how or why this happened, but I feel blessed. I’m glad that people are finding value from this website.

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Tuesday – 9:12 PM – April 7, 2020)

More Views, Super Happy, & Looking Forward to the Future

So the website has actually hit 3k views and 115 visitors today. I am quite happy about that. It’s something that I did not expect would gain so much traction in so little time. I look forward to continue creating more content for everyone. This website is like my baby.

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Tuesday – 6:37 PM – April 7, 2020)

Very Insightful, Motivational, & Powerful Video

So there was a video I watched in my Life Design Reboot 1.0 playlist on YouTube. I found it very helpful and insightful and I think I will share it with all of you here. Jordan Peterson is an extremely smart guy who has high self-awareness and I think this video on him speaking for 30 minutes can add a lot of value to your life. Here it is below

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 11:12 PM – April 6, 2020)

What i’m thinking About right now

So right now I am feeling a bit tired after making music all day and talking to my best friend on the phone, but I am quite happy about how my whole website turned out and reached 2.7k views & 109 visitors in just a couple of days. That is amazing. I thank God for the inspiration to create this. Also stay safe everyone, it’s getting crazy out there.

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 10:54 PM – April 6, 2020)

Yo what’s up I’m the founder of this website ;o

Hi everyone, this website was recently launched about 7 days ago. There are 2,754 all-time views and 109 visitors to the site at this moment that I am writing this message. I am very ecstatic with how everything turned out so far! Right now I am deciding what to do perhaps edit the website a bit more but I am not sure. I was able to make some good affirmation music to boost my mood & confidence. Another post / article will be released at 12:00 AM on April 7th, 2020. Please enjoy your stay

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 10:32 PM – April 6, 2020)



– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Monday – 10:09 PM – April 6, 2020)

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