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Diving into E-Commerce, Donald Trump, & Money Manifestations

Wassup, it’s the boss. As promised, over 80 articles have been released daily nonstop & will continue to be released. I am also now working on an E-commerce store for my father and the design is turning out pretty well. Getting used to writing, blogging & website design overall. Seems like the Coronavirus situation & BLM movement isn’t affecting me much at all which is great. Praise God for protecting my mind, body & spirit. Oh I’m also going to just say it right now. Donald Trump is going to win the 2020 election, I’m 98% sure. I have also manifested quite a lot of money with my Holistic Life Design system & donated over $5k to charity in a span of a month. Anyway, God bless you & stay safe. Don’t cause trouble & upgrade yourself!

We have also achieved 40.9k views and 5,631 visitors at this current point in time!

– Kev Yfe Nbtu (Saturday – 6:17 PM – June 13, 2020)

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28 thoughts on “Holistic Life Design

  1. I liked your point on using journalling as a mental and emotional mind dump, it’s definitely something that helps more than you think. I like how you brought in the Myer Briggs as well, I’m a ENFP-(T), so while I did have a lot of friend growing up there were still instances where I felt “alone” dealing with certain situations probably due to the “T” (also interesting to note that while someone can have the same personality type, theres also a Turbulent side vs an Assertive side that changes your personality as well), so “mind dump journalling” is something that works great for both introvert and extrovert personalities.

  2. This is a great refresher and completely need for the time we’re in. Thanks for sharing your heart. The world needs more love.

  3. Thank you for your blogs! They really help me cope with how things are in the world right now and open up a new perspective on how to see things (:

  4. I never really thought about gratitude before this article. I’m applying your ideas right away. Thank you!
    I also loved how well you are able to express your opinions- so clear and effective.
    I wouldn’t wanna miss your future articles so I have decided to follow your blog. 🙂

  5. I appreciate all your comments, everyone. It makes me happy that you found value from my website. I have worked very hard on it and I also thank God for giving me inspiration and motivation as well. I will look forward to making the site better and add even more value to your lives. Stay tuned!

  6. It’s awesome to pay a quick visit this web site and reading
    the views of all friends regarding this article, while
    I am also keen of getting knowledge.

  7. Hello! holistic-life-design.com site is very useful and inspirational, and I do not think I arrived without a reason.

  8. During such a crucial time, I feel like this website will definitely aid in people getting a peace of mind. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and parts of yourself with everyone. Surely, the website will become even more. Looking forward to your new content.

  9. This information is beneficial, especially during this crisis. The mind dumps really help with organizing my thoughts. Thanks a million!!

  10. Everyone should read this website! It helps a lot, the mind dumping is helpful as well. these techniques and information that is on this website can change someone’s life drastically!

  11. Its a clean website, perfect for now people who feel lonely , and you got a clean countdown for your nexst update its really good keep it up 👍🏻

  12. This site definitely appeals to the average person because the layout is so simple but very VERY effective. It is a clean site with a flawless look, and someone without any technical background would definitely appreciate it. The layout makes anyone feel comfortable because it is so well done and clean looking. You feel as if you are in good hands and you know that you will be able to find anything you need on this site.

  13. Kev is an awesome and great guy. The conversation we had was very insightful and was literally what I needed to hear. Keep doing your thing!!!

  14. This blog is very important for those who want to have overall development in their life. Even the complex things are explained in simple words by the admin which shows his depth of knowledge in the subject. Being in contact with such a knowledgeable person can help you in different dimensions of life. There is no shame to accept if you don’t know anything you must be in contact of an expert and these articles are expert advice.


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