E-Commerce Web Design, My Inner Thoughts & Current Ideas

Hey what’s up it’s the boss.. today I designed a whole eCommerce website for one of my dad’s computer businesses. Today isn’t going to be an article but rather just my thoughts. I actually also created a whole separate website just for personal journaling because my intention for this website is only to provide valuableContinue reading “E-Commerce Web Design, My Inner Thoughts & Current Ideas”

What I would do if I was Level Zero

Seeing how comfortable, effortless, & successful I am now in life, I’ve thought of this hypothetical situation in which I’ve lost all my knowledge and traveled back in time to when I was 10 years old and level zero. Level zero is basically being stuck in the matrix reality of society and being programmed andContinue reading “What I would do if I was Level Zero”

An Essay from a Close Christian Friend

I’m Jealous… Written by Kenia Bautista I know I am not the only one who has trouble loving themselves and finding their worth. Many beautiful human beings feel this way as well and struggle, like this girl who I am jealous of, fyi I’m straight, just to put that out there. This girl who IContinue reading “An Essay from a Close Christian Friend”

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