Fighting Violence With Prayer

What is the best way to react when attacked physically? We all know the text book answers (kick some ass, call the authorities, bust a cap, etcetera..). Is fighting fire with fire, trading an eye for eye going to create a real solution,or compound the problem in the long-run? In my experience violence plus violenceContinue reading “Fighting Violence With Prayer”

Making Momentum & Progress, True Fulfillment, & Multiversal Delegation

Wassup guys, it’s Kevin again. I am now promoted to being a manager for God the Most High. It is such a freeing feeling and I also feel a strong sense of autonomy and fulfillment. I am now considered to be the Multiversal Mastermind which is the highest position that God can offer someone inContinue reading “Making Momentum & Progress, True Fulfillment, & Multiversal Delegation”

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