Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections

🙌–> PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS 101 <–🙌 It’s impossible to ever get scammed in life. Any monetary transaction has an energetic signature to it. Money is energy. Everything is made of energy. If someone does “scam” you, you will get the energetic equivalent of a very valuable & transformative lesson even if it doesn’t come in theContinue reading “Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections”

WB SOC Series #002: Personalized Professionalism

I’d like to actually start diving deep into something called personalized professionalism. It’s when I can actually use my first person voice in a unique way while giving immense professional value to my audience. Of course, I won’t be able to fulfill this all time but it is indeed one of the top objectives ofContinue reading “WB SOC Series #002: Personalized Professionalism”

What I would do if I was Level Zero

Seeing how comfortable, effortless, & successful I am now in life, I’ve thought of this hypothetical situation in which I’ve lost all my knowledge and traveled back in time to when I was 10 years old and level zero. Level zero is basically being stuck in the matrix reality of society and being programmed andContinue reading “What I would do if I was Level Zero”

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