How to use Cheat Codes in Real Life

Hey so you know how video games, there are cheat codes? Well let me tell you right now that there are also cheat codes in real life. Yes it’s true. You can cheat in real life too. I will teach you exactly how and jump straight to the good stuff. The first thing you haveContinue reading “How to use Cheat Codes in Real Life”

Resisting Temptation

Every day we have temptations, they are endless especially for us humans. Temptations usually are a battle between your long term goals and instant gratification. There are many types of temptations; behavioral, bad habits, portion control, the want to be on your electronic devices constantly, laziness, sexual practice. Perhaps you’re on a diet, and you’reContinue reading “Resisting Temptation”

People’s First Impression of Me

I believe the first thing people notice about me is that I’m someone who has been through extraordinary circumstances.that is my reason I know so much at 23 years old with a very deep understanding and a lot of people much older than me respect me & my growth.My mom & dad are over twiceContinue reading “People’s First Impression of Me”

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