Dairy & Brain Fog

I’d like to reveal something that may be a problem in someone’s life right now without the awareness or realization of it. That is consumption of dairy and receiving brain fog & emotional fluctuation from it. I myself have this problem when I consume any milk that is not the Lactaid brand. For some reason,Continue reading “Dairy & Brain Fog”

An Essay from a Close Christian Friend

I’m Jealous… Written by Kenia Bautista I know I am not the only one who has trouble loving themselves and finding their worth. Many beautiful human beings feel this way as well and struggle, like this girl who I am jealous of, fyi I’m straight, just to put that out there. This girl who IContinue reading “An Essay from a Close Christian Friend”

Insomnia & Resetting the Sleep Schedule

I am currently dealing with temporary insomnia. It is actually Sunday, April 5th 2020 6:40AM right now as I type this post. I was unable to fall asleep at all last night. So I decided to work on my website and be productive. Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, it is better to spend ourContinue reading “Insomnia & Resetting the Sleep Schedule”

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