Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections

🙌–> PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS 101 <–🙌 It’s impossible to ever get scammed in life. Any monetary transaction has an energetic signature to it. Money is energy. Everything is made of energy. If someone does “scam” you, you will get the energetic equivalent of a very valuable & transformative lesson even if it doesn’t come in theContinue reading “Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections”

The 9 Holistic Priorities

This morning I’ve written down a full list of the current holistic priorities designed in my personal order of importance. I find that this order is quite universal although depending on your personality you can change the order to suit your current needs. These are the 9 priorities / values of holistic living and isContinue reading “The 9 Holistic Priorities”

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