Improving your Intelligence + Fallout 76

Lately, I’ve been doing nothing but playing Fallout 76 on my Playstation 4 and watching anime. I’d like to say that now that I’ve achieved level 45 in that game, I notice that I think a lot better than I used to. Fallout 76 has helped give me many ideas for personal development and asideContinue reading “Improving your Intelligence + Fallout 76”

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can be a big issue in most people’s lives. I myself deal with this time to time. The key way to handle writer’s block is to write whatever the heck you want until something substantial or valuable comes out and then you can edit accordingly. Ironically I am currently dealing with writer’s blockContinue reading “Dealing with Writer’s Block”

What I would do if I was 18 Again

So todays topic will be quite a fun one for me to talk about. This article will be on everything I would do over if I was 18 again. Right now I am 23 years old. So what would I do differently for the last 5 years? The first thing I would do is notContinue reading “What I would do if I was 18 Again”

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