My Absolute Truth For My Reality

When you master your emotional state & become awakened, you’re really living in a whole different world compared to what the media is trying to tell you about how awful it isRight now I seem like I’m in a dream of having everything I desire. It is literally heaven on earth for me right nowContinue reading “My Absolute Truth For My Reality”


Confidence- a ten letters magical word, one knows it’s power and somehow manages to have it he/she can do wonders in life! If one has confidence on oneself it’s called self confidence. It’s easier to have confidence on others than ourselves because to have confidence in yourself you will have to be responsible for yourContinue reading “HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE”

Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections

🙌–> PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS 101 <–🙌 It’s impossible to ever get scammed in life. Any monetary transaction has an energetic signature to it. Money is energy. Everything is made of energy. If someone does “scam” you, you will get the energetic equivalent of a very valuable & transformative lesson even if it doesn’t come in theContinue reading “Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections”

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