Extraterrestial Abduction, Simulations within Simulations, God’s superpower

Today I’m going to write a bit more usual. I’ve been experiencing a lot of extraterrestrial activity in my midsts. I was abducted by pleiadians. They are very untrustworthy ever since my experience with them. They tried to extract my DNA but my blood is made of rocket fuel and so during their extraction theyContinue reading “Extraterrestial Abduction, Simulations within Simulations, God’s superpower”

Fighting Violence With Prayer

What is the best way to react when attacked physically? We all know the text book answers (kick some ass, call the authorities, bust a cap, etcetera..). Is fighting fire with fire, trading an eye for eye going to create a real solution,or compound the problem in the long-run? In my experience violence plus violenceContinue reading “Fighting Violence With Prayer”

How To Feel Better After A Negative Experience

We go through thousands of experiences every day. When an experience makes us feel bad or is not according to our expectations we call it a negative experience. Most of the times someone else is the reason for our negative experience. The person doesn’t perform an activity or said something like we want him toContinue reading “How To Feel Better After A Negative Experience”

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