Basic Step-By-Step Manifestation Guide

Okay guys. Today I’m just gonna write a basic guide on how to manifest the things you want out of life. I will provide principles & techniques and some philosophies as well that could catalyze this entire process. Later on in the future, I will create an in-depth & very advanced guide that will evenContinue reading “Basic Step-By-Step Manifestation Guide”

Being Guilt-Tripped by Mind Virus Demons

We should never have to feel guilty for working hard on ourselves. Don’t let anyone make you feel that way.  They are projecting their insecurities, traumas, & limiting beliefs on to you for trying to live an amazing fantastic, fulling, successful & godly holistic life.  If they have problems with you for that, then evenContinue reading “Being Guilt-Tripped by Mind Virus Demons”

Various Vibrational Frequencies

If you understand Nikola Tesla’s advice to “think in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration”, you’ll realize a lot of things about maneuvering effectively in this physical reality. Essentially we are magnets that attract certain things, situations, & people into our lives depending on our level of vibrational frequency. As I have now dived subtlyContinue reading “Various Vibrational Frequencies”

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