The Art of Delegation & Outsourcing

As someone who engages in personal development & business, I generally hate doing a lot of things. There are only certain things that I enjoy and so I present to everyone the art of delegation & outsourcing. Some people believe you have to be massively rich to be able to do this. This is notContinue reading “The Art of Delegation & Outsourcing”

Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections

🙌–> PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS 101 <–🙌 It’s impossible to ever get scammed in life. Any monetary transaction has an energetic signature to it. Money is energy. Everything is made of energy. If someone does “scam” you, you will get the energetic equivalent of a very valuable & transformative lesson even if it doesn’t come in theContinue reading “Practical Metaphysics 101 & Building One-on-One Connections”

The Value of your Time, High Ticket Investments, & Upcoming HLD Offer

If everyone really knew how valuable their time is, they wouldn’t have put in so much effort to just save a couple of dollars had they simply invested in themselves & their vision and leveraged the insane ROI that comes from it, resulting in more available time because you acquire years of knowledge & wisdomContinue reading “The Value of your Time, High Ticket Investments, & Upcoming HLD Offer”

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