The Value of your Time, High Ticket Investments, & Upcoming HLD Offer

If everyone really knew how valuable their time is, they wouldn’t have put in so much effort to just save a couple of dollars had they simply invested in themselves & their vision and leveraged the insane ROI that comes from it, resulting in more available time because you acquire years of knowledge & wisdomContinue reading “The Value of your Time, High Ticket Investments, & Upcoming HLD Offer”

Reverse-Engineering the Success

I think whatever we feel is missing from our life, just reverse-engineer the heck out of it and we can get it eventually Take the end result and move backwards all the way to your present moment. Right now I feel like I lack business knowledge & motivation philosophy so I’ll just take the topContinue reading “Reverse-Engineering the Success”

Confronting A Disrespectful Boss

If your boss is rude to you, it can affect your mood and willingness to come to work every day. It is bad enough to stay in the workplace while being mistreated by a boss, but to avoid additional problems, you must learn to communicate with a rude boss and leave the stress to hisContinue reading “Confronting A Disrespectful Boss”

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