WB SOC Series #005: Clarification, Universal Connection, & My Personal Focus

Honestly, it seems like the WB SOC Series has been doing way better than I even expected. Some of the content was even better than the actual official content which has me a bit surprised. I will keep writing this series but perhaps I have set the standard way too high for what to expectContinue reading “WB SOC Series #005: Clarification, Universal Connection, & My Personal Focus”

WB SOC Series #003: Meritocracy, Intangibles, & Entitlement

The WB SOC Series that I just started seems to be doing quite well. I was able to write on 2 topics I didn’t even know I have knowledge of. In the midst of me having a nocturnal sleep cycle, my brain seems to still be functioning quite well with extreme clarity. Today I expressedContinue reading “WB SOC Series #003: Meritocracy, Intangibles, & Entitlement”

A Conversation, Declaration, & Voice

Today will be a conversation rather than an actual article. The last couple articles I’ve released were actually written in copywriting format and some are even taken directly from my Facebook posts. I admit that I have been slacking just a bit in terms of creativity but it was actually an experiment as well. LatelyContinue reading “A Conversation, Declaration, & Voice”

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