Who I Am & What this Website is For

Kev Yfe Nbtu
Founder of Holistic-Life-Design.com
Holistic Life Design Practitioner
Child of the Most High
Rap Artist & Lyricist – Lil Yahweh

23 Years Old. 5’7″ 162 pounds.

I like reading. I like working out. I like watching comedies. I like blogging. I like making hip hop music. I like solving problems. I like detoxifying holistically. I like socializing with positive people. I like growing. I like progress. I love God.


A nice quote by me:
“A perfect attitude can overcome all imperfect situations.”

My name is Kevin. I created this website to help people holistically. I do not claim to be an expert myself but I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge through my experiences, reading books, mentorship & personal consulting. I am someone who constantly invests in himself and strives to be better each day. I hope that this website can inspire you to become a better version of yourself as well.

I come from a slightly higher middle class family. I may be privileged in some aspects, but I did not come without any struggles. I was picked on back in school and was somewhat of a social outcast and has overcome anxiety, depression, & psychosis. This drove me to become a better person. It made me seek to be fulfilled in every area of my life. Right now, I am close to that for sure and all areas will always have room for improvement.

I aim to serve you the best I can and I hope you find value in the things I share. In the future, I might decide to have other people assist me with creating content as well as setting up interviews with experts who can provide us more value too. This journey is going to be mutual as we continue to build momentum together. Thank you & God bless you!

I am also a faith-based rap artist. Musically, I go by the name of Lil Yahweh and you can listen to all my official songs here below.

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