Kev Series #017: Reading Books, Pomodoro Method, & A Success-Victory List

Today the Holistic Life Design process has been great for me. I’ve created a plan the day before to engage in some reading for multiple books. I’ve read 10 pages for each of them. 7 books in total. 70 pages in a day. The books are The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland, Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and Laser-Sharp Focus by Joanna Jast. These 7 books have opened my mind up even further and I feel a great sense of progress and fulfillment when I engage in self-education.

Aside from Self-Education, I’d give my overall day a 98/100 which is a very high score. Today has been a great day because once I woke up, I went straight to work and took frequent breaks in between my work sessions. I would get up to play some PS4 and watch Netflix for about 20 minutes or so and then get right back to work. I mentioned this in the previous journal entry but this method really seems to work extremely well. I believe a lot of people call it the Pomodoro technique which might be what I’m incorporating although I’ve done it subconsciously instead.

Writing is no longer hard for me because I have created the modality of just following my stream of consciousness similar to how I would speak to someone in person and when you speak there is never opportunity to take back or erase what you say and so the spontaneity element is really cool to utilize and even trains your brain. My slight concern is that I think I might care a bit too much about what my audience thinks but for the most part I am following my intuition and heart whenever I create articles for this blog. This article / journal entry is my last task for the day and it is really inspiring to see how easy it is for me to do.

Today I learned from The Success Principles book by Jack Canfield, that it is very important to have high self-esteem and this can be done by creating success / victory log of all the things we’ve accomplished successfully. These can be little things as well which makes it very practical. It seems the problem with most people is that we don’t consider anything a success unless it is something really big but this is just making your standards too high and devaluing yourself. Even little successes or any kind of success should be acknowledged because they are important to adding to our foundations of self-esteem. I look forward to creating my success / victory log today.

Prior to stumbling upon this information, what I did was actually called a self-inventory log which can also be found in the Start Here page of this website. This was where I simply took inventory of everything I found foundational to who I was but this wasn’t keeping track of a success log but just the things I care about. So this new method of tracking wins is quite awesome to use and I believe everyone should use it because it would boost their self-esteem dramatically. It is said in the book that people tend to focus more primarily on the negative things in our life and making this success log would overwrite that focus and make us feel much better overall.

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