Kev Series #016: My Gift to Society, Shifting Between Two Modalities, & Embracing the Journey

Today I’ve experimented with changing my schedule and reassigning my tasks. Since Holistic Life Design is a project of constant experimentation, it seemed to work perfectly well when I changed my reading from 30 pages a day to 10 pages a day for each book. Currently I’m reading two books at a time. These two books are Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn. This gives me a total reading for 20 pages a day. Previously I made it 30 pages a day for one book which was incredibly hard because I feel as though I have a slight hint of ADHD or low attention span. As such, I’ve decided to make it two seperate books to read each day which makes it more interesting and easier to do when exploring two different topics.

There isn’t much new besides me switching up the task organization method by assigning certain times to do certain tasks. Today I was able to supercede this schedule by waking up earlier at around 10:30 AM and started on my 1:30 PM and later tasks at around 12:00 PM. This has created an extra 2 hours of free time for me and writing this article / journal entry is my last assigned task for the day. In a sense, I am becoming my own coach, counselor, project manager, content writer, and many other roles I’m unable to think of at this current moment. It is incredibly inspiring that I can do this as a one man army and of course I know this is a special grace given to me by God. I am very grateful to possess so many skillsets because it makes me feel fantastic with high self-esteem.

My plan is to continue experimenting with my routine and slowly sculpt out a system that works incredibly well. It currently is working very well actually and so I will be experimenting to innovate the process further. Aside from my productivity project and experimentation, the creation of my private journal named “Letters To My Future Self & God” has been really organized mind dumping & re-focusing system. It is my way of writing to my future self and praying to God using a written modality. By doing two things at once I feel like a very successful multi-tasker. It seems that having this kind of private journal sort of replaces my actual therapist & counselor which is quite funny.

I am also starting to feel as though the journal series can be getting quite repetitive and so I will try my best to avoid saying the same things over and over and create a bit of differentiation and variation. Please excuse the repetition as I continue to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. This Holistic Life Design project isn’t a one hit wonder as it will take many years of refinement and sculpting in order to evolve into a very effective system that anybody can use. This will be my life’s work and my gift to society as I dive deeply into personal development, life design, productivity, spirituality, faith, & metaphysics. I could have never imagined I would ever create something like this but because of God’s Plan, it now exists in the public domain.

I will create and update the “Start Here” page with new modalities and methodologies that I have been utilizing to active design my life like an artist. This is in no way taking over the responsibilities of God or anything like that but rather because we are created in his image, we possess to ability to create or manifest things quite miraculously with the mind, body, & spirit that we are given. It is said that we are only a little bit lower than the angels. And that solidifies the concepts and principles discussed here on Holistic Life Design. I’ve learned today from Jim Rohn’s book that success is a journey AND a destination and I am focusing primarily on the journey which has been making me feel so fulfilled. Once we reach the destination, there will always be a new destination to go to, and so I focus on enjoying the journey as much as I possibly can.

I’ve learned also today from my Udemy course for weight loss & nutrition that as long as we reach a caloric deficit, it is guaranteed that we lose weight and I have been using this process to facilitate weight loss and get into better shape for 2021. Holistic Life Design also explores health & nutrition as well as many other topics and so there is much freedom to focus on a variety of elements that can enhance our lives. I’ve made a weight loss plan to eat only 2 meals a day for the weekdays and eating regularly during the weekends. As there is limited access to the gym due to the Coronavirus, I will be thinking of ways to work out at home using free weights or even my body weight to get physically fit and healthy. I am definitely way ahead of schedule today which makes me extremely happy and fulfilled.

I have noticed today an effective strategy I’ve come up with for increasing productivity. After working for some time, I would create a small chunk of time for rest & play. This chunk of time ranges from 10-20 minutes and I would watch a TV show or play a game on the Playstation 4. After doing this, I notice that when I shift back into working mode, I am working way more effectively than if I just focused entirely on work the whole day. And this strategy is similar to the pomodoro method but the only difference is we are incorporating Holistic Life Design’s Research modality & Entertainment modality into one. To be exact, we are just shifting between two modalities to make things more interesting and easy to engage in with a higher balance.

I believe that is all I have for you guys today as I continue this experiment and project by myself. Each journal series is just a communication link for me to report my progress and to share what I am working on at the time I write them.

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