Kev Series #015: HLD Mastery Plan for 2021, Letters to Future Self + God, & More Challenges

It’s been another day of Holistic Life Design. I’ve finally created a system that somewhat works and isn’t too stressful. My self-education system has been designed and embedded with the Habitica app I was talking about previously. It is a list of 8 task items for me to complete on the weekdays. I’ve decided that weekends will be the time for me to rest and enjoy my freetime while the weekdays is for me to learn as much as I possibly can. Today I’ve also created a “Self Development Holistic Life Design & Mastery Plan for 2021”. This plan highlights all of the things I need to focus on as well as what is already going well for me. It is like a self-inventory while also being a detailed game plan.

Today I’ve decided I might not write as much. It is indeed 2021 now. It is a new beginning. Holistic Life Design will be a project I will work on for the rest of my life. Hopefully I may be able to leave a legacy before I die. However it is not my idol nor is it something that I worship although I pursue it passionately. It is just like a work of art created by an artist while HLD is a project created by me, the writer & practitioner. It does seem a bit harder to write than before because I’ve taken a break, but no matter, I will get the momentum coming back very soon. What’s on my mind right now is just creating more and more systems that support the principles of Holistic Life Design. So far, I am doing well.

My self-education system can definitely be improved further since I am not really reading that much even though I’m scheduling in the exact times to do so. I’ve figured I could start structuring my days like how I use to follow during my high school and college days. By creating chunks of time like periods in a school day. Every period would be a seperate activity for me to engage in. So far, this system has been working quite well and I’ve been very productive. I notice that Holistic Life Design is a combination of Law of Attraction, Productivity, Reality Transurfing, Success Philosophy, & Self-Expression. These elements complement each other quite well in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. I’m not a master at Holistic Life Design yet, but day by day, I am becoming better and better.

Overall I feel good because I’ve designed a private section of this website where I store my letters to my Future Self & God, and so far I’ve written 3 journal entries for it. They seem to be quite therapeutic and are pretty much like written prayers to the heavenly Father. I seem to have a good relationship with God despite not being extremely religious. I think it is really the relationship with God that matters the most. I’ve tried my very best and it is working well overall. There are next levels to get to, especially when we are driven enough. Right now, I feel pretty driven and I think everything will go extremely well.

It’s been a while since I updated the Daily Message Board (DMB), I should probably do that soon. One thing I’d like to note down is that I love my parents very much because they are supportive of me in whatever I choose to do. They’ve granted a lot of freedom for me to work on this Holistic Life Design project. I’ve received comments from people saying it is unrealistic to be holistic in every area but I strongly disagree. It is not unrealistic but it can be difficult to do. Difficulty offers more challenge and challenge brings those with strong willpower to have it happen. I am one of those individuals. I believe Holistic Life Design is a powerful and incredibly helpful process which is why I created an entire website on it. It is difficult yet simple when you take step-by-step methods to practice it.

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