Kev Series #014: Lost Knowledge, Flaws of Human Memory, & My 395-page eBook

Yo yo yo it’s Kev. Tonight I’m feeling all right. I have no idea what I’m about to write but I’m going to have a big full page of an article somehow in some way. I could care less about my social media traction when most of my audience comes directly from Google. Tonight is a cool day because I feel like I’m at the very end of 2020. It’s a good feeling because 2020 won’t be here anymore and I will be transported to the future once the clock hits 12:00 AM on the 31st of December. 2021 definitely feels like a futuristic time period. In the past I’d imagined it to be full of flying cars and high tech gear but it isn’t like that at all. Maybe in another 50 years when I’m 74 years old with my grand kids or something. Today’s article is a bit conversational although there’s a lot I want to talk about from my mind.

My mind is full of so much information and insight and blogging / writing is probably the only way I can achieve clarity in what I’m doing. My biggest lesson I’ve learned today is that knowledge is fleeting when we don’t use it. In the last 5 years of personal development and learning to be a better version of myself, I finally realized the human brain cannot store so much information and eventually it’ll just start deleting information including the good knowledge I’ve worked my butt off on obtaining. And so today I decided to create a knowledge base library of everything I’ve learned that I find valuable.

I’m sure that lots of good knowledge is lost forever because I’ve failed to realize this fundamental fact that the human memory is flawed. No matter. I’ll rebuild my knowledge base library so I can pass it on to my children and grandchildren. I remember a video of Jim Rohn that I’ve watched talking about creating a journal full of knowledge to pass down to my family which I’ve overlooked completely because I did not know knowledge was so fleeting. It’s something you don’t really pay attention to at all when you are first starting out on this knowledge acquisition journey.

I’m making sure that all my efforts will be “saved”. Just like how you would save in the middle of a video game. What’s the point of putting effort to improve when all your progress gets lost completely? Starting over might be cool and all but I don’t relish in wasting all of my hardwork. And so I have also digitized the entire blog into a 395 page PDF Ebook. Today is the day I’ve created my first online Ebook. I am officially an author! Hurray. I’ve also created a private journal for writing letters to my future self & God within the Admin panel of my blog. This mechanism is pretty cool because later down the road, I can read what I’ve written to see where my mindset was and what my concerns were.

It’s an additional tool for me to mind-dump and get mental clarity which will assist me in this holistic life design journey. Despite the lack of social media attention, I’m still going super strong because social media likes doesn’t determine how valuable or high quality something is. It’s just an indication of how good your marketing skills are. I’m the guy whos in the cave working his ass off and honing his skills without really telling anybody about it or spending any money to promote it. I’m a one man army. Spending 1 year of Holistic Life Design has allowed me to write a 395 page ebook which is absolutely amazing. My work has not gone to waste.

I particularly enjoy the Holistic Life Design process because it doesn’t give me any pressure at all nor do I need to perform a certain way because I am setting down my own standards and values. Aside from Holistic Life Design, I’ve finally given myself time to truly relax and rest because I’ve been on workacholic mode for quite some time. Even though I’ve accomplished and achieved so much, I still feel lingering feelings of self-doubt because of the extremely high standards I’ve set for myself.

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