My Self-Development Plan for 2021

Now that 2020 is almost over, I will be designing a self-development plan for 2021. I actually am not sure exactly what path to take but here is everything I will probably utilize for my self-development in 2021. My first plan of action to take is to finish reading these books: Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland, The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino, Ask and It is Given by Abraham-Hicks, Money & The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, and Og Mandino’s University of Success. Since I’ve chosen an alternate path to traditional school, I decided Self-Education would be the primary road I wll be taking. In a sense, I am becoming my own institution by taking responsibility for my education instead of giving it to an external party.

During the course of reading those books, I plan on getting a copy of the Lifebook program for $500 (a deposit that you can get full refund on after you complete the program within 7 weeks.) The Lifebook program will be foundational to the focus of Holistic Life Design because it teaches how to design every single area of your life based on lots of expertise and experience. After I complete the Lifebook, I’ll probably start taking all my Udemy courses that I’ve enrolled in for a huge discount. ($1.5k worth of courses for about $100.) The Udemy courses will be helping me out a lot because there are accredited certifications upon completing the courses that I can add to my credentials and will make the Holistic Life Design process easier as well.

After completing the Udemy courses (which will definitely take a while), I will seek additional offers through social media ads and purchase more books to read which I have not identified thus far. One offer that has caught my attention is Scott Haug’s Manifestation Accelerator program which costs about $50 a month. As a seasoned manifester myself, I am curious to see what he has to teach me that I don’t already know which will be interesting. I might actually join that program very soon. Another thing I’ve been doing for personal development is reading articles written by someone named Noctis Enoch. I am enrolled in his Mind Reality program which I call the Mind Reality Codex and it discusses topics ranging from psychology, personal development, spirituality, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics. Everything that I am interested in. He has 55 months worth of articles written and I can absorb all his knowledge like a sponge.

The next thing I would do for my self-development is design my next self-education curriculum. The Self-Education curriculum would probably contain topics of the following: Law of Attraction, Productivity, Spirituality, Faith, Motivation & Inspiration, Psychology, NLP & Hypnosis, Business & Marketing, Quantum Jumping, & Habitual Discipline. Consolidation of these topics will make a perfect educational curriculum for myself and also good experimentation for Holistic Life Design. After learning a lot using this curriculum, I will most likely create multiple free courses disclosing everything I’ve accumulated through the Holistic Life Design process.

The plan will probably not go as smoothly as I’ve discussed here but it will be of a similar nature. After doing all of that, that is all I’ve got in the mean time for what I plan on doing for the beginning of 2021. I really should start focusing on the marketing side of things because I feel like I’m this big gold mine of invaluable knowledge that nobody knows about. Promoting my content will help share the power I currently possess in creating this high level of autonomy. I’ve solely focused on organic promotion by releasing as much content as possible. Paid promotion will probably cost a bit and might not be effective since I don’t know how to target the right audience.

Finally, I have no idea where God is going to take me because I can only see so far into the future through the holistic life design process. I can design my plan for up to 1 year ahead, but 2 years, 3 years or even 5 years is not something I can design so easily. I’ve been going pretty far using the Habitica app, it is a good organization system that allows me to identify what I need to do next. The next thing I can think of in terms of the self development plan is to write my own book / manuscript. I’ve learned so much but I feel this inner drive to pass on everything that I’ve learned up to this point through Holistic Life Design. Sure the blog already does this, but having an official physical copy of my knowledge base would be so fulfilling.

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