Kev Series #011: Escapism, 8 Personal Values, & Surrendering to a Higher Power

I think I’m really starting to become obsessed with blogging. On this road to holistic progression, we can be faced with stagnation. I’ll be talking about what I do personally when this happens. I am someone who has read over 200 books and spent over $12k on mentorship. Even I still feel moments of stagnation. This is not an easy feeling to deal with. In my last article of this journal series, I wrote that I felt guilt when I don’t work on Holistic Life Design. This state is not a good place to be in and especially since we attract what we feel according to Law of Attraction. I am currently in a place where I feel a bit of progress but not much and mostly stagnation. What I have been doing ever since I started feeling this? Well I simply started bingewatching TV shows and movies on Netflix and decided to detach from these emotions altogether.

You could even call it escapism. I am currently escaping from my own reality by doing regular people things like watching TV. It has been quite effective. But it still doesn’t get rid of the lingering emotion that I should be doing a lot more given what I’ve built so far with this platform. We’ve achieved 43.3k Views and 6,749 visitors ever since the launch on March 2020. I’ve released a lot of articles on personal development, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics. However lately, I’ve been releasing articles of this journal series because it helps me clear my mind and feel more clarity. I am in a sense “mind-dumping” which is a topic I talk about in my previous articles when it comes to journaling.

My journal series isn’t a typical journal series because there are hidden gems here and there in each article I write. Even though I am sharing my personal experience and thoughts, I am still writing with the intention to help everyone in some manner. I focus on providing value while also sharing a part of who I am. That is my true intention. I personally feel that I should be way more successful than I currently am, but perhaps this is the path I am meant to walk. A path of surrender and service without focusing on the monetary side of things. I am simply focusing on creating fulfillment through my writing and charging myself up with positive emotions while being a servant for God the Most High.

I am also probably going to figure out how to write an actual book and publish it since blogging and turning my blog into a physical book is somewhat cheating. Perhaps it isn’t. No matter what, it is a fact that I’ve created a project that is over 237 pages during this year of 2020. The year 2021 is on its way in just a few days and that is when I will be printing a physical copy of this entire blog. With a large audience or not, I am still going to be expressing myself and be writing this blog on a consistent basis so that I can charge myself with constant excitement and magnetize myself for my dreams.

Figuring out the next action steps and plan are both of my top priorities for Holistic Life Design. Interestingly enough, when I work on my Holistic Life Design brand, I am indirectly working on myself too which makes it extremely exponential. I know for a fact that it is impossible to reach the top no matter how far I get on this journey because there is no top. Heck, the “top” is truly subjective. One could say that where I am now is actually the top and another could say that I am at the bottom. It’s all really subjective based on your values and standards and how you measure your self-worth. I don’t measure mine with fame or money, but rather the level of fulfillment I feel. Now money is definitely nice and so is attention, but they are not on my list of priorities.

Here are my personal values and standards of measurement: Fulfillment, Faith, Joy, Flow State, Progress, Kaizen, Autonomy, & Service. These are the things that are most important to me. You can clearly see that money and fame are not on that list although they can be a side-effect when I focus on my personal values. As long as I am exploring and doing things that resonate with these 8 values of mine, I am extremely successful. So even if I have 100 million dollars in my bank account but I’m not fulfilling my values, I would consider myself to be a failure. My detachment towards money has allowed me to experience a higher level of freedom. I no longer correlate success and money in the same spectrum, but rather express it through the embodiment of my 8 values.

When I write, I feel charged up with passion and I feel like this passion will take me extremely far in my Holistic Life Design journey. Ironically even though I’m not at a church or communion, I feel even more connected to God through my writing. I feel I am tapped into the Christ within when I am sharing these ideas and knowledge while placing a touch of my personality on to it as well. Another thing is I value self-expression over friendship because when it comes to friends, I notice that it’s not that I’m trying to connect with someone a lot but rather I just want the freedom to express who I am and I’m totally okay with doing that with a small number of friends in my social circle. This is also where I place a low priority on popularity and social traction.

In the end, it’s really all about figuring out what you desire and what you are trying to build. Breaking free from the programming of society and setting up your own programming by designing your life in every single aspect. I have successfully done this myself and I feel an extremely high level of freedom because of it. In future articles, I will be writing an in-depth guide on how to become free from the societal matrix and also how to design your life step-by-step. It will be quite interesting to put together all the ideas I’ve accumulated thus far.

Oh I almost forgot.. I was suppose to talk about dealing with stagnation. To deal with stagnation, all you have to do is think of one action step you can take to get your closer to where you are trying to be. Just one action step. This takes pressure off of things and it can something very small and easy to do. Just taking that one small action step will shift your vibrational frequency and you will feel quite different. It will remove the feeling of stagnation. Another thing you can do is to write articles / go do blogging like what I am doing here. Writing out all of your thoughts helps bring clarity to your mind and with clarity you will be able to hone in what what you desire and do what is necessary.

When neither of those two methods work, just fall into drifting mode. Drifting mode is when you let your subconscious just take over and operate on autopilot mode so that you don’t even have to try at all. But be warned, drifting mode only works well when you’ve pulled yourself out of the matrix. If you’re someone who still cares what people think, it will backfire on you and you will be running all the programs created by society, doing exactly what other people want instead of what you want. There will be an in-depth article on how to choose the correct drifting mode because the two types differ quite a bit.

Since drifting mode might not work for you because of the stuck in the matrix thing… or when all else fails, just surrender. Accept that you can’t control things and that this universe is managed by a higher power of who I’d like to call God. Sometimes maybe the path your on simply demands a high level of surrender so that you can remove the entropy by letting God work on your behalf. Surrender and drifting mode are quite different because surrender is letting go and allowing a higher power to operate while drifting mode is allowing your subconscious to operate and those two are not the same things. That gives me another idea for an article series I can write about.

Altogether if you don’t really understand the whole message, then I can summarize it for you in two words: Just chill.

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