Kev Series #010: The Monster Pendulum, Performance Detachment, & The Universal Pull

Another day of Holistic Life Design. Today I felt a bit guilty for not being productive and for being a bit lazy. I remedied this by creating a To-Do List for 11 items consisting of easy things to do. After completing a majority of the items on the list, I was able to build back up some momentum so I can tackle my main list for Holistic Life Design. I was also exploring a book called “The Greatest Secret In The World” by Og Mandino. It’s quite an interesting book and talks about discipline and clarity which is something I’d like to focus more on. It’s a saturday right now and I’ve completed 9 of the items on my list so far including writing this journal entry to document my progress as well as my process. I’m grateful to have so many books in my arsenal but there are indeed times when I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

I think it’s similar to the idea of eating the same food over and over each day. Perhaps I’m trying to switch things up a bit. Like instead of reading books all the time, I can switch things up by taking online courses / programs or also watch stuff on YouTube. YouTube is also a good education system as well. But even with all these things, there are times when I feel like doing absolutely nothing and that brings about that lingering guilt for not making progress towards my goals and dreams. So far, the remedy has been to create an easy to-do list which brings about some good emotions after I complete the list.

I’m also considering ordering a $500 enrollment into the Lifebook program by Jon & Missy Butcher. It resonates and matches with everything I’m trying to do with Holistic Life Design. That program is all about designing every aspect of your life and it’s been recommended to me by one of my previous business partners. On this calm Saturday, I feel there is something I can do with this free time but i’m not exactly sure what it is. There is a lingering feeling that I should be doing something in the back of my mind but I can’t really identify it at all. After I complete all 11 items on my list, I’ll just go back into drifting mode and see where that takes me.

I was also going to continue the WB SOC Series today but it seems I’m experiencing a bit of brain fog so I decided to postpone it to another day. It seems the journal series is the one that is easy to stay consistent with. Although I’ve consolidated everything I’ve learned thus far into the idea of Holistic Life Design, I still feel that more clarity can be achieved overall. Some ideas I have on how to get more clarity is to engage in journaling prompts that evoke deep introspection and also identifying a long term vision so that I can experience the universal pull once again. I notice that when you set a long term vision, God & the universe seem to pull you automatically towards it once you have anchored in.

I understand now the reason I’m drifting more often nowadays is because I’ve forgotten my long term vision. This Holistic Life Design platform came to fruition when I had a long term vision of creating it and what it would be like in my imagination. Having completed its design in my head, I was able to build it into the pendulum that it is today. To be honest with all of you, I honestly never liked writing. It just seems to have happened all on its own with some hint of divine inspiration. Even as I’m writing this, there’s a part of me inside that absolutely hates writing but for some reason I am able to do it all anyway with not much effort.

I share this series on my social media, but there isn’t much engagement which doesn’t put me down at all because most of the audience comes organically from search engines. I do feel like there are aspects of myself that can be improved much more. Because of my high standards, I’m unable to freely give myself the emotion of freedom to be who I am. It is a type of self-entrapment I’ve accidentally and artificially created. It is not my intention to be this person who is heavily into personal development and in the pursuit of success. It seems that once I got the ball rolling in the initial phases, it has become a whole monster on its own. The reason I say its a monster is because it is actually out of my control. It has become a pendulum that pulls me along its path and journey.

There’s definitely a lot that I wish to share today. When I engage in this journal series or even write regular articles, I feel absolutely fulfilled to a high level because I am working on the thing I really love a lot with no concern or attachment on how it performs. It is me focusing solely on the creative aspect which is something that truly feeds the soul. Funny thing is now that I got a new MacBook Air 2020, I am able to write really well and also do it all from the comfort of my home like it’s a Starbucks shop because I also know how to create Iced Matcha Latte’s too.

The biggest thing on my mind now is how to optimize my process further so I can be even more effective. I feel that my overall progress has stagnated a little bit because I’ve become a bit lazy but writing these blog articles really do help me get back on track. After this is all said and done, I’m probably going to turn on Netflix and bingewatch TV shows again. But I’m really happy that I have full autonomy of the content of this blog and there is no one I need to answer to in terms of my creative avenues and marketing strategy since this is all built from the ground up. Over 150+ articles have been written and I still cannot believe it.

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