What I’ve Learned after 5 years of Personal Development & Spending over $12k in Mentorship

I started out this journey of Holistic Life Design back when I was 19 years old. At the time, I didn’t know it as HLD but it was just personal development & self-education. I pretty much read whatever book I could get my hands on and my foundation was built by stacking knowledge upon previous knowledge and repeating this process over and over. Before I was 19 years old, I was just an ordinary guy who loved playing video games and making rap music as a hobby. I didn’t have any direction or life goals. I was a drifter and also was stuck in the matrix on autopilot mode. This wasn’t good because it was autopilot mode on the wrong side.

I was introduced to personal development when I stumbled upon a Tai Lopez video of him being in his garage showing off his lamborghinis and library of books. He kept talking about reading books & finding mentors and how it changed his life. This was when reading books became a new thing for me and I read as many books as I possibly could. After reading a lot of books, I started investing in courses and programs that also contributed to the foundation of Holistic Life Design. I was doing all of this work but there was no solidified thing to call what I was doing until I was 23 and founded this Holistic Life Design website.

So after 5 years of trial and error and trying out various things, I have learned many lessons which I am about to share with you all today. The first lesson I’ve learned is to constantly invest in yourself. To do this, you work hard on who you are as person and improve as much as possible. This could be done by following mentors, reading books, & taking programs. There’s a quote by Jim Rohn which goes “Formal Education will make you a living, Self-Education will make you a fortune”. I much preferred the idea of self-education much more than traditional school like college. I’ve read over 200+ books and I became this super knowledgeable person. However I didn’t become “rich” financially but instead I became rich spiritually which was an even bigger gift.

The second lesson I’ve learned is which may be contradictory to the first lesson is that, all mentors and authoritative figures are overrated & nobody has it all figured out. Finding a mentor is cool and all but nobody can change your life more than you choosing and staying committed to change yours. Mentors can serve as catalysts but they are not the chemical reaction you need to absolutely change your life. Changing your life can be designed by you. All it takes is creating a plan of action and staying committed to it and you will see a lot of change in your life. Even me, I’m just a regular guy who focused on learning and making progress in my life. I don’t have it figured out completely but I have experience and can serve as a catalyst as well.

The third lesson I’ve learned is to be careful with high ticket programs / courses where you need to sign contracts. I would avoid these programs altogether because when you sign a contract for a high ticket purchase or coaching, it is possible for them to screw you over and milk as much money from you as possible even if you decide to opt out or cancel the program. You basically lose a couple of grand and are better off donating that money off to charity or church. If you do decide to enroll in such programs, make sure to read the contracts fully before signing, otherwise you’ll truly be screwed over. This has happened to me personally where I could not cancel a program and had to pay a couple of grand anyway pretty much for nothing.

The fourth lesson I’ve learned is to become your own mentor, guru, & master. No one can lead you better than you lead yourself if you tap into the inner essence of your heart and soul. You will probably get a lot more accomplished if you follow your heart more often. Nobody outside of you can recreate the guidance of your heart. As long as you design a plan for yourself that you will commit to following, you will be on the right track no matter what. Even if the plan isn’t perfect, you will be able to course-correct your way to get closer to your destination. It is important that you disconnect yourself from what the world wants and figure out what it is you really want. You are the one who sets the standards and values and how you want to see your reality.

The fifth lesson I’ve learned is to design your days, weeks, and months. If you don’t actively design your life, you will be a part of someone else’s design. To design your life, all you need to do is map out all your activities and actions to do into task lists & also schedule things in with a deadline. Setting deadlines will make you do things much faster and effectively. If you are constantly drifting with no direction, you will be stuck in the matrix forever with no escape. Designing your life is the way to go because you will feel a sense of freedom and autonomy while getting closer and closer to the destination you’ve set for yourself.

The sixth lesson I’ve learned is that it is okay to take a break and engage in recreation on this journey. When I was really going in with the personal development, I didn’t give myself anytime to relax. I was just working hard constantly and there was a high level of pressure to perform a certain way. It is so vital to give yourself time to relax because we always need to recharge after we’ve worked a certain amount. It is good to reward ourselves with free time because we’ve truly earned it.

The seventh lesson I’ve learned is to never equate your self-worth to social media likes or how reactive your posts are. Quality and sophistication is not correlated to the number of social media likes you get. I know that because I’ve worked extremely hard in building my character, Holistic Life Design is extremely valuable due to the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve poured into training myself. There are elite individuals out there who don’t have social media traction or have never focused on marketing their content. One of those individuals is me. I know for a fact that my content is life-changing and transformative to anyone who takes it all in.

The eighth lesson I’ve learned is that personal development, self-education, & Holistic Life Design is a never-ending process. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You should always be learning no matter what and no matter where you land on your journey, you will always need to continue to make progress forever because we are a work of art that is being constantly sculpted bit by bit closer to perfection.

These are the eight lessons I am able to come up with so far. I may be creating a PART 2 to this article later down the road. Happy holidays & Merry Christmas!

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