Kev Series #009: Digital Real Estate, Perfectionism, & Life-long Exploration

I feel blessed on this wonderful day of Christmas. Happy birthday to Jesus Christ. I am currently exploring things in drifting, recovery, & entertainment mode. I’ve put my learning on pause just temporarily. I’ll definitely get back into it soon. I was able to do some audio engineering, mixing and mastering for my church. It’s my first time mixing singing vocals as I am used to rap and hip hop vocals. It turned out quite nicely after I added in some reverb and equalization. Today has still been a productive day even though I took a break from my reading process. I feel slight guilt because I’ve made a promise to keep growing and evolving every single day. I know it is good to grant myself some free time so I can recharge and come back even better. However I don’t wish to stay in that mode for too long otherwise I’ll lose my momentum.

My mom is making lobster today for dinner. I love lobster. They also bought me an extra order of crossing-bridge noodle which tastes amazing. I will be eating that tomorrow. I feel a bit of stagnation today due to my high standards and high expectations I have for myself. I know that nobody is perfect but I remain being a perfectionist on every single aspect of my life. My blueprint is actually very difficult to achieve and so I’m surprised I’ve managed to create a good baseline for all the aspects despite my high standards. I’m quite happy I have this blog to write whatever I desire. I now consider it to be a database of invaluable knowledge. Because of its cathartic properties, I am able to really hone in on the clarity I desire. It is like a personal therapist for my mind, heart, & soul.

I’m shocked as to why everybody wouldn’t create their own blog / website. Websites don’t take much financially to run and you are given a creative outlet that can potentially make you money in the long term. I really like websites more than real estate. It could be called digital real estate. As I write more and more articles, there appears to be a consistent increase in the stream of visitors. As a holistic life design practitioner, I sometimes have no idea what I’m doing and where I’m going but that’s all part of the process of exploration. That is what makes things interesting and there’s no need for me to feel guilty about it. I have achieved a feat this year by starting this website back in March. I have created a physical copy of the blog which is approximately about 237 pages. I’ve become a book author by accident. All thanks to God the Most High.

Although I’m not in research mode right now, I greatly adore creation mode by writing this journal entry or any other type of article. I know that the things I share will have value to those who follow this blog even if it’s something personal like this journal series. I created the journal series in order to share my personal thoughts and experiences while also sharing knowledge and wisdom here and there inside the series. I realized that writing a How-To article all the time can be tiring and also robotic / somewhat boring and so revealing my inner thoughts using this series is my intention to remedy and prevent all of that.

My favorite book as of right now is Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. That guy reveals a lot of stuff I wish I knew when I was younger. I’ve read half of the entire book so far which is in total about 700 pages or so. I’ve learned to become more effortless and to leverage the power of God in everything I do although he explains God in a different context. It is also linked to the Law of Attraction and those with some foundation on it will absolutely love that book. I was able to also enroll in some new courses on Udemy. I was able to get $1k worth of courses for only $95 which is an absolute steal for the holidays. It was a good Christmas gift.

This journal series does indeed serve as a mind dumping system for me but I do hope it has some value to those who read it. I basically share my insights and lessons time to time in the journal series so that things can remain interesting for you all but at the same time I’d like to share my perspective and my exploration of this holistic life design journey because it is a never-ending process. I’m inspired to continue to work on this project for the rest of my life even if I continue to do it all for free. I believe it might accidentally transform into a business later down the road. Aside from that, I wish to continue learning and making more valuable content so I can contribute my gifts to the world on a constant basis.

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