Kev Series #008: Everything is Subjective, Changing your Lens, & Unlocking new Dimensions

Lots of new developments. I am very happy to have stumbled upon the 7 modalities of Holistic Life Design last night. It has enhanced how I operate from this point forward and I will be able to create more content that can bring holistic well-being and success. I am in a place where I feel very powerful with access to free speech and organic promotion of my content. I don’t focus at all on how to go viral or even the marketing side of things. I focus simply on the creative side and I let everything effortless flow on its own. I know that those who resonate with my content will naturally find me. It is the focus on attracting my audience rather than chasing my audience.

I think Holistic Life Design is a difficult process when we don’t know the action steps to take from where we are. I remedy this by using a self-introspection session to identify clearly the direction we wish to go. I can explain this self-introspection process in another article after I’ve experimented and tweaked with it enough times to make it work for everyone. I am particularly focused on just research and creation these last few weeks which is what has allowed me to create so much more content than I ever have before. It seems I’m still going on a streak of 2 articles per day which is quite amazing.

I’ve started using Udemy as a platform for my self-education system. However, the prices for courses on it have shot up to the roof (about $100 and up) and not as attractive as it once was back when I purchased courses for about $10 each. Fortunately I’ve purchased about 30+ courses back when it was cheap and those exact same courses now go for over $100, so I still have a good curriculum going on as I continue this Holistic Life Design journey. I am definitely looking for alternatives but have not found any thus far. I was thinking maybe I would use YouTube again but videos on there are for general knowledge and not in-depth step by step modalities. Of course there’s also the traditional method of reading books.

The current books I am exploring are: Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, Og Mandino’s University of Success, The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World by Mike Pettigrew, & Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. These are some really powerful books because they help create more clarity in your life while giving you tools and techniques to optimize Law of Attraction and getting yourself closer to your goals and dreams in general. It also helps optimize your mindset so that you can face any situation.

I love reading these books mostly because they offer a new perspective and lens to see the world. When you change your lens and perspective, you traverse into a whole new dimension in the world. As these new dimensions are unlocked, you also become more inspired by divine essence and align with your heart intention to create more content that can change peoples’ lives. I really enjoy the process of learning because it’s a place where you can absorb transformational ideas that support you on your path and evolve your identity. Some may say I might be running away from myself and indulging in escapism, but it is a good form of escapism because it enhances your life while letting you rest and recover.

An absolute game changer is when you set your own standards and values because everything is absolutely subjective. What becomes “objective” is just a mass collective of subjective ideas that people agree on. This is why I have zero pressure to perform or appear a certain way to society. I can indulge in everything that makes me who I am and those who resonate will stay and those who don’t may continue along their way. I’m so fond of this blog website as well because it allows me to document my journey while also keeping me accountable to the Holistic Life Design process. It is with deep revelation that I discovered that the process to the destination is more fulfilling than reaching the destination.

It is with great pleasure that I will be wrapping up the blog for the physical copy of it for the year 2020. If anyone is interested in getting a physical copy just email me at Otherwise, you’ll still be able to find all content in this blog digitally anyway. Having a physical copy of something just seems a bit cool in my mind. This is a life-long journey and writing will forever be a passion of mine while I continue to explore other facets that may interest me. Merry Christmas everybody and Happy holidays!!

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