The 7 Modalities of Holistic Life Design

Today I had an interesting day after experimenting with a bunch of modalities. I will either explain it here below or create a seperate article that will discuss them in full detail. Maybe both. As I continue this Holistic Life Design process, I notice that it is impossible to stay in one mode of operation. For example, as someone who seeks knowledge on a constant basis, I finally understand it is not possible to stay in that mode all the time. There needs to be times of rest and also times for creation. Learning constantly is only one type of modality that needs to be varied up as you make continuous progress. It can be quite neurotic to force yourself only to be absorbing information that may or may not be applied.

And so, I have discovered 7 modalities when it comes to Holistic Life Design. The 7 modalities are Entertainment, Research, Creation, Drifting, Recovery, Social, & Incognito. These 7 modalities are used by everyone in the world consciously or unconsciously. I have come up with these modalities to fully understand and see clearly what mode I operate in when I am going about my days. I will probably create an in-depth article explaining deeply how to use each modality to your advantage. My problem was that I was staying mostly in the Research modality which caused me to plateau in my efficiency and effectiveness. It is good to vary it up with the other 6 modalities.

The most advanced utilization would be to leverage all 7 types of modalities at the same time. This is the most difficult to do but will yield the best results in any field or profession you are in. For example, your work can be entertaining, expanding in knowledge, utilizing creativity, effortlessly flowing, healing, connecting with people, and detaching from the world all at the same time. Aside from the last two modalities which are social and incognito, which might seem contradictory. It is indeed possible to become detached from society but also remain social. However, this is very difficult to accomplish especially if you are new to holistic life design.

I have decided I will now explain the modalities briefly in this particular article outlining the basic definition of it and dive deeply into these modalities in a seperate article. The first modality on the list is the Entertainment modality. This is what most people are operating in when they consume television, movies, music, and any type of entertainment when they spend their time. It is actually okay to be in a entertainment modality, but staying ONLY in this modality is a problem. It stagnates your self-growth and expansion as a human being and you become tuned into a sort of vegetable-like state without even knowing it. The excessiveness is what makes it a problem but having this modality active is still plausible in Holistic Life Design.

The second modality is the Research modality. This is when one is acquiring knowledge and learning something new like a skill or general knowledge in a certain area. It can be technical skills, philosophy, or even psychology. To be honest, any topic would suffice. There are individuals out there like me who focus heavily on this modality because we pride ourselves on knowledge acquisition and we know that knowledge is power and can really take you a long way on this journey of success and well-being. I myself may have focused way too much on this modality because I’ve read over 200+ books without working on the business side of things. Learning is good, but learning too much creates more hesitation and less action.

The third modality is the Creation modality. This is when we focus on creating anything such as a work of art, music, a website, a business, food, a book… any sort of creation. Of course if we go back to the Research modality, there are those who learn and learn but never create anything in their lives. This is a problem as well. But the pattern is usually the more you learn, the more likely you will eventually create something. That is the Creation modality. It is when you hone in and focus on the creative side of things which may resonate with your heart and soul. Without the Creation modality, we are prone to negative states like anxiety and depression. It is the pent-up energy inside us that needs transmutation into something worthwhile and valuable.

The fourth modality is the Drifting modality. This modality is also one that a majority of the world is operating in. However there are two types of drifting. One type of drifting is when you are programmed by society to move a certain way and you allow that to drive every aspect of your life. This is what is referred to as being stuck in the matrix. The second type of drifting which I encourage is having your own self-programming to guide you on autopilot. I will discuss in another article on how to activate a personal Autopilot GPS system to take you to where you wish to be. Drifting modality, the latter version, is so valuable because it is an effortless type of flow where you are automatically working towards the destination you desire. This is what you can call “going with the flow” but making sure you’re going with the good flow and not the bad one.

The fifth modality is the Recovery modality. This is when we experience a certain setback, emotional trauma, loss, or even mental illness. This is when we take time to recover and heal ourselves, giving ourselves the permission to explore whatever it is we need to help us get back on track. A lot of people who suffer from PTSD , depression, or anxiety place too much pressure on themselves to “act” like a normal human being without taking notice that they must take care of themselves and be kind so that they can nurture a gift out of their bad experience or emotions. This is so vital to bouncing back and becoming your best self on this journey of holistic life design.

The sixth modality is the Social modality. Despite having all fifth modalities in place or utilized consistently, we still need to connect with other human beings because we are designed for connection. I know there are geniuses out there who spend time only with themselves and that is good and is what we call the Incognito modality, but we’ll get into that in just a bit. Operating in the Social modality is so important because what do personal growth or creation mean if we do not take the time and opportunity to share it with the world? Connection and having friends or even a social circle is a vital key to Holistic Life Design. I myself can work on using this modality more often as I focus on the other 6 much more.

The final and seventh modality that I have discovered thus far is the Incognito modality. Incognito is when we stay stealthed and detached from society. And this seems to contradict the previous modality but let me explain. The Incognito modality does not mean disconnecting from all your social circles, friends, and family completely but rather operating with a sort of detached attitude while still maintaining connection with the world. It is sort of having a hermit-like attitude when socializing but also being able to connect through the Social modality. I myself am using this modality quite a lot because it gives me the space for introspection and tuning into my higher self. Incognito modality is operating with an attitude that is sort of like “I care” but “I don’t care” all at the same time. It is a bit difficult to explain, but it creates a sort of surrender to everything you do in life and brings about very effective results.

These are the 7 modalities of Holistic Life Design I have discovered today. I hope it helps you. Happy holidays and God bless you!

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