Kev Series #006: Artificial Slide, Leading Yourself, & Leveling up in Real Life

It’s a brand new day. I’m wondering what I could do today to be more productive. The habitica app has been going well although I’ve stopped using it these few days because I decided to take a break for the weekend. Social media has been a great tool for bringing more traffic to this website. Ever since I raised my standards, there has been a lingering guilt that haunts me a bit whenever I am not doing something to make progress towards my dream. This is probably not healthy at all but I’m going to work on resolving this. Perhaps I’ve placed too much importance on work and not my health. As a holistic life design practitioner, this is so fundamentally bad to neglect. It is ironic to be the founder of holistic life design and also be a bit off in certain areas of life. But hey, I’m only human myself too.

I think this lingering guilt occurs because I compare the present moment with an artificial slide of how I think I should be. This is something I’m starting to become aware of as I continue down this road of well-being and joy. Perhaps this is where gratitude can come to the rescue once again. Seeking external achievements can be good but when focused on too much can be unhealthy for the soul. I have to remember the fact that I am already a success and that I am only building on the foundation that is already good on its own. It is really one of the foundational keys to the whole process. I’ve never felt any pressure when it comes to writing. It’s like a free-flowing canvas where I can paint whatever I desire like Picasso.

Aside from that, my focus has been to continuously evolve into a better version of myself. Knowing that our identities are so important, I understand that when we become more, we start to attract more and this is inevitable for all cases. Becoming more changes our vibrational frequency and we start using the universal pull to bring people, things, & situations that resonate with us. Sometimes even though I have such a vast knowledge base, I still feel doubt time to time because I am human and negativity comes about every now and then so you can hone in on what you truly desire. One thing I can say for 100% certainty is that there will never be another person like me and so I get to embrace that I am God’s gift and my uniqueness is extremely valuable which is a total mindset shift.

The key is not focusing on becoming rich or successful externally, but rather creating an internal shift that lets you operate with a high level of autonomy. That is what true success means. Also money is only a means, not the final destination. Money is the bonus to reward you for pursuing your passion fully. Of course there are dispassionate ways to earn money as well, but the point is that it is way better to earn less money doing what you absolutely love than to earn a lot of money doing something you hate. And of course, the best possible outcome is to do something you love while making a lot of money doing it. I have explored spirituality, faith, & metaphysics and one of the biggest lessons I learned from those topics is not to rush the process and that there is divine timing in all things. This is what lets me keep on going without losing momentum nor drive.

I love the idea of expansion and self-growth. It’s why when I was young, I loved playing RPG games and leveling up my character on a constant basis. Now that I’m 24, the focus is on leveling up my real life character and there’s no feeling better than that. If you keep building on your skills, eventually you’ll hit the gold mine. And this is not necessarily money, but rather the soul fulfillment of your true purpose. That is priceless and something that money can’t buy without your effort and dedication to self-discovery. The biggest lesson after spending over $10,000 on personal development is that nothing changes unless you make a full-hearted decision to change and in this worldly earth, you must become your own savior & master. Another thing is I learned not to put anyone on a pedestal & this has been a big game changer as well.

When you stop putting outside things on a pedestal, you’ll slowly start to recognize your own value and potential to be a leader yourself. Eventually you become your own role model and no one outside can lead you better than you lead yourself. It’s when you take back all the power from the outside world back into the palms of your hand. It is the liberation of your soul from the matrix. And so I do encourage investing in yourself, but after a certain point in time, you will realize that massive shifts in your life are created by you and not by someone else. And thus there is no need to spend millions of dollars on personal development when self-growth can be faciliated by a simple choice to decide that you will change now and commit to it.

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