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As you all already know, one of Holistic Life Design’s foundational pieces is based on the model of the Law of Attraction. If you are completely new to this site, this article may help you out a lot. The Law of Attraction is basic premise and belief that like energy attracts like energy. As this world is consisted merely of energy, frequency, & vibration, the Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to be used either consciously or unconsciously. So how can one use the Law of Attraction if we are starting out from scratch with no previous knowledge of this law? I will be explaining all this below.

Since we are made up of energy, we can change our energy to match what we desire in life. How do you change your energy? You can do that by changing your identity. Our identities are usually formed growing up and during childhood. You hold a certain self-image or belief about yourself which later on turns into conviction. This conviction is what forms your identity. But accordingly to Law of Attraction, you can change who you are which will then change what you attract. Who you are as a identity is merely the habitual thoughts that you think and the emotions that you feel. There is also the soul’s fraile which is unchangeable and given to you by God but we can get into that in a whole other article.

We are like machines with our own programming. Programming is just the recurring thoughts & convictions that are played on a loop every day. To alter your programming, one must start from a higher vibrational frequency. The first thing to do when changing your frequency is to start from a place of gratitude. This means creating a list of everything you are grateful for and feeling those good emotions out of that practice. Gratitude is overlooked by many in the world because it has been a hidden superpower from the elites who run the world. In the Bible Mark 4:25 it says, “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.'” This verse means that whoever focuses on what they dont have, more will be taken away from them and whoever focuses on what they have with gratitude, they will get even more.

This gratitude list can be as much as you want. The more you can think of the better, as prolonged good emotions will put you in a higher vibrational frequency which will solidify your point of attraction. I currently write a list of 9 things to be grateful for each day and it has been a great practice which has improved my life exponentially. The next step after gratitude is to alkalinize your body. This means eating healthy foods like fruits & vegetables and drinking alkaline water which is a biohacking technique to raise your bioelectricity which is your energy really. Manifestations come faster when you have more energy. Individuals with high levels of energy are just much more magnetic compared to someone who has very low energy.

As you now are in a high vibrational frequency with high energy from alkalinization, the next step is to identify what you are trying to manifest. This could be your dream or a set of goals you desire to attract. Write down these goals and dreams somewhere physically or digitally. After you do this, you will have clarity on the path & direction you wish to go. This exercise can be difficult because not everybody knows what they want so take your time with it as you go along. A lot of gurus will try to tell you it’s all about visualization of the end goal but this is not effective. To make things effective, you must not visualize the end goal but rather visualize the process to lead to the end goal.

By visualizing yourself taking action steps to reach the end goal, you can then reverse-engineer the goal / dream you are trying to reach and take inspired action to get there. Reverse-engineering your goals and dream is one of the most effective hidden tools you can use to get yourself to where you want to be. If you are unable to reverse-engineer the dream completely, don’t worry. All you need to do is visualize yourself making progress towards the goal and naturally you will program yourself to do what is necessary to get closer to your dream. For some strange miraculous reason, the process and steps will be revealed to you.

After reverse-engineering the goal / dream, you must take action in order to manifest. But this is not any type of action, it must be inspired action which is a state where you are in heightened awareness and high vibrational frequency that sort of pulls you towards taking a certain next action. Although taking any action may bring you closer, inspired action is what catalyzes your progress to get to your goal even faster. Inspired action is key because taking action from heightened emotions greatly pulls you closer to what you want with much more ease because when you are in such a good place, it seems like you operate on autopilot mode. I will discuss more about autopilot mode attraction in another Law of Attraction article series.

Now that you are taking inspired action, you will indeed feel like you are getting closer to where you want to be, and this itself is a successful manifestation which can be considered a small win. The next step is to keep stacking on these small wins, and this brings more confidence and conviction in your ability to manifest because you are able to continuously manifest the next action step & win in the LOA process. This momentum then feeds on itself and you will experience a winner effect which is like a snowball rolling down a mountain and the entire process becomes automatic. Once you keep experiencing this winner effect, you can keep milking it and let it carry you forward with incredible speed and precision to your goal and dreams.

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