Kev Series #005: Releasing the Shackles of Society, Soul Purpose Fulfillment & Feeling better than a Billionaire

Hi everyone. Back to the journaling series. Today I had a decent day despite not being as productive as I usually am. I am certain now that I really love writing and it is one of my passions. I wrote an article on Law of Attraction today which is one of my favorite topics in the personal development space and within the Holistic Life Design model. I am stoked to continue to learn more new topics that supports Holistic Life Design. It is incredible to see that so many readers resonate with the things I share as well. I promise to continue writing on a consistent basis to bring as much value as possible to the world. This art is really a gift from God and I plan to harness it to the best of my ability. I’ve never written too much in my past but I believe I have a knack for writing because I’ve read so many books.

I never guessed that reading a lot would eventually drive me to write so much. Right now there are 140+ articles on the entire blog and it is not a feat I’ve accomplished on my own. I feel that God is motivating me and inspiring me with creativity because everything seems to flow so effortlessly and easily. I do notice that now that I’ve read so much, I am able to differentiate between good books and bad books. Good books are really just books that support the Holistic Life Design model and bad books are the ones without practical information to apply to our daily lives. I don’t think I will ever pick up a fiction book besides “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I have heard many good things about that book.

I recently recorded a hip hop verse as well. It turned out great. It seems my skills are still there despite not writing nor recording for quite a long time. Today I’ve come to the realization that everything is actually subjective. Sure there are standards & values set by the world & the masses, but I realized that when you learn to set your own standards and values not influenced by the world, you free yourself from the shackles of society. You also realize that you give importance to anything outside with your mind. Everything you’ve ever put on a pedestal seems to crumble right down and become less important than what you’ve made it to be. That’s one of the biggest realizations I’ve had this year. It also changes how you behave, knowing that we possess so much power and a lot is in our control when we select what to think.

It is without a doubt that blogging and writing on this Holistic Life Design platform is my soul purpose because when I engage in it, I feel these good tingling emotions I could never feel doing something else. I feel so blessed to be guided here to this point. It feels better than having a billion dollars because there is no direction to go but up when you are operating from the very bottom. I also believe that progress is always made no matter what situation happens to you and even if a worst case scenario happens, you could grow from it or learn very valuable lessons. This blog helps me create a sense of connection. Every time I see visitors on my website, I feel so fulfilled knowing that someone is taking the time to read my work. God bless my audience.

I like knowing that the more I write, the better I’ll get at it. Not only that, since I’m consistently reading books, I know I’ll have more to talk about as time goes on. Another thing is I type really fast meaning I can cook up articles or journal entries in roughly 10 minutes. I’d be so down to spend all day just writing like 20 articles but that might be a bit too much. A subconscious fear I do have is running out of stuff to talk about but it seems unlikely since I’ve created alternate writing paths for myself by starting a journaling series & a writer’s block stream of consciousness series. The road is limitless on this platform. I’m so grateful to everyone who has led me to this point. It has been a tough journey and I know there will continue to be trials and tribulations.

I feel that I am on a good path despite receiving negative reactions from those who are stuck in victim mentality and those who embrace negativity in general. I can only express my sympathies for them because they do not understand Law of Attraction and spirituality and how harmful it is to engage in negative perceptions that do not serve them at all. It is after countless hours of reading and researching that I know for a fact that negativity has no purpose but to bring you down and stomp on you relentlessly. I have vibrated those individuals out of my life as I continue my journey of self-improvement and spiritual ascension and faith. It is with great pleasure that I conclude this segment. God bless you.

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