The Benefits of Structure & Organizing with Flexibility

Having structure in our lives is so essential to well-being. It allows us to organize and do things effectively and efficiently. Not only that, you feel good in general because of it. Holistic Life Design is really all about structure. Having structure creates clarity as well as proper direction. Creating this structure is what differentiates a person from being a master of their life or from being a servant to the world. I use to be a servant myself, prone to all the limiting beliefs and projections of other people in the world. It all changed when I decided enough was enough and decided to take the reigns of fate into my own hands. Of course this autonomy wasn’t created all on my own but also co-created by my faith in God.

The beginning of a proper structure is having a schedule or To-Do List to keep track of everything you wish to get done. One could say that structure and productivity are linked together. As a Holistic Life Design pracititioner, I am motivated and driven as a productivity junkie. Productivity is my drug. It just feels absolutely amazing. By completing tasks and being on schedule (something designed out of my own volition rather than given to me by a boss), I feel incredibly free to pursue whatever I desire out of life. There are chances that one may become too structured but this is highly unlikely unless you are super OCD with it by structuring every single second of your life.

Flexibility is created when you have just the right amount of structure. This takes a bit of experimentation and trial & error to discover what feels the best to you. Shifting between a structured lifestyle and a spontaneous one can be chosen at will when you master the art of productivity and organizing your lifestyle with the proper tools. As a beginner of creating structure, one can start by writing on a sheet of paper 7 tasks or items to complete each day. I recommend 7 because it is the ideal number to feel a sense of productivity as well as get enough done within your capability. Going too high a number may make it unreachable which will demotivate you quite quickly. Going too low may not be good enough to feel like what you’ve done matters.

As you get used to that technique, you can start digitizing your To-Do List by using apps on the phone and computer such as Habitica, To-Doist, and Remente. All these apps are recommended by me. I have personally used them myself and they have been helpful in my personal development journey and Holistic Life Design practice. You can definitely try out other apps as well. As long as they have a scheduling and to do list functionality, they will work out quite nicely for structuring your life. It’s the best you can do for yourself no matter what profession you are in.

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