Kev Series #004: Physical Copy of Blog, Setbacks and Breakthroughs, & True Nature

Hi everyone. It is Kevin here again. Like always. By the end of this year, I will be printing a physical copy of this entire blog. It seems that I’ve unexpectedly written an entire book using this blog as the modality to express my creative nature. Despite experiencing lots of doubts and concerns about this Holistic Life Design project, I’ve committed myself to adjust accordingly and update my system to accommodate for the situations that I come across which need slight alterations. I’ve been doing that lately for everything that I engage in even for my reading habits. I’ve tried to read 30 pages of a book each day but the workload was a bit heavy and decided to make it a weekly practice.

My biggest concern right now is keeping the momentum of this blog going despite not being able to write a daily blog article anymore because I am still in the recuperation phase of my life. However, I really believe that I’ve contributed more than enough this year. I will create a new category identifying all the foundational pieces I’ve created which may potentially be life-changing. I especially am glad that blogs exist because I feel a connection with the world through my writing and I feel very passionate about this project that is a life-long journey no matter how much I progress. I also feel that my writing fuels the creativity running through my veins and I can share God’s gift with the world through this process.

Although I’ve been facing some setbacks, I’ve also been experiencing some breakthroughs through experimentation and seeing what works and what doesn’t. This blog is quite a pendulum that feeds me energy whenever I write in it. There’s a sense of accountability that trods me along without much effort at all and on the outside looking in, it could seem like a very difficult process. My previous article in this series described the effortlessness of my writing. I was not lying when I said it is truly effortless whenever I make a decision to write. I think my secret to writing is just to jot down all the things I would say out loud in the form of writing and let it flow no matter how it goes. That is my true secret.

My biggest goal for Holistic Life Design is to continue releasing one article per week while making strides towards the goals I’ve set for myself. Since Holistic Life Design is a merge of personal development, spirituality, faith, metaphysics, & quantum mechanics, there’s a lot I can do with the system and tools I’ve laid out with the Holistic life Design model. This week, I’ve learned that happiness is a combination of psychology and relativity and keeping your standards within reachable aims. I don’t mean to be repetitive in my articles at all, but for the journal series, I’d like to think of it as my personal therapy session. It is a Godsend to have the modality of writing to exist in which I can release all my emotional baggage and transmute it into a potential goldmine by highlighting concepts and practical knowledge through this platform.

I really enjoy having this blog because it really displays who I truly am without hesitation while maintaining a level of practicality and advice which people can apply to their day to day lives. Of course, I’m no Tony Robbins, but I am a guy who dabbles in a lot of different things and combining these things together is what brings immense value to the world. Even doing this for free brings deep inner fulfillment to my life but of course perhaps one day I will get paid for my hard work and passion. It does not take much financially to run a blog and I can be glad that I can say that I’m the boss of this blog. Even with over 40k views on this blog, I know there is a next level to get to.

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