Kev Series #003: Five Minute Articles, Effortless Writing, & The MacBook Writing Machine

Hi there. Another part of my journal series. I’ve been reading a lot of books again. One concern I do have is that human memory isn’t perfect and all the knowledge I’ve accumulated may be forgotten. Henceforth, I must continue to regularly write on my blog so that I can document all the knowledge I gain into my consciousness. I admit that most of the content on this website is esoteric or even weird compared to mainstream media. I do believe myself to be an outlier and Holistic Life Design is an extension of who I am as a person. The Self-Education system I’ve been utilizing is helpful and I am indeed remaining consistent in my learnings, however I must say that these ideas that I acquire should definitely be documented strictly so that others may benefit from my efforts.

I don’t consider myself to be an amazing writer, but I do consider myself to be a fantastic learner and so I hope that I can impart my knowledge over to everyone who is following my website. These articles and journal entries don’t take much time at all to write. I can knock out an article in about 5-10 minutes which is insanely fast compared to the average person. I started realizing that physical books take up quite a bit of space and weight and I’ve decided to explore digital ebooks via the Books app on the iPad. I’ve found a few books that I am interested in on there and will be buying them to read on my digital device. Another idea that I have is that by the end of this year 2020, I will download and create a physical copy of the entire blog for the whole past year and make it into a book pretty much.

I’ve never imagined I could do something like this. Writing seems to be an effortless process in which I can express my ideas so clearly and vividly and I am able to write in a conversational style that mimicks how I would speak if I had the opportunity to in front of a big audience. Writing is my superpower because it captures the ideas I need to feel fulfilled and in tune with my higher purpose. I guarantee that those of you who stumble upon this website will find a lot of important life-changing content because I write with my heart and soul. Technicalities should be pardoned if they aren’t perfect because I am not a professional writer… yet. As I keep going down this road, eventually something good will appear at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to that day.

Aside from my learning explorations, I have indeed felt a high sense of fulfillment from the activities I am currently engaged in which I will disclose later on in my articles. The flexibility and creation of multiple series makes things a lot easier and free to experiment with many styles of writing. Another reason I am able to write so easily is because of the MacBook Air 2020 Model that I’ve invested in which costed a little bit over a grand. One of my best investments because the keyboard feels really nice. I am also pleased to see the daily amount of visitors who hop on the blog to view my content. It is motivating and inspiring because the blog is sort of taking on a life of its own that makes me more inclined to work on it even further every day.

Since I am an avid reader, it makes a lot of sense that I would one day become a writer, which I have. I would say the only obstacle right now is my conviction in myself and my brand which seems to fluctuate depending on my mood. If I can cultivate a higher conviction and I believe this is possible by continuing to build my brand, I will be able to ascend to greater heights in every single area of my life. This blog is a platform that will allow me to do just that. Having ownership of the blog and complete autonomy is such a feeling of freedom because I can design it however I please. It is not limited to any particular purpose besides to give value to the public and there is no ulterior motive as I know this type of work is what fulfills me. It allows me to feel connected to the world as I explore this journey of Holistic Life Design by myself at this current point in time.

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