WB SOC Series #017: Current Status, Life Gamification, & Mind Reality Codex

Welcome back to the WB SOC Series. It’s been a while since I dived into this series because I’ve been taking a break from writing in general and also enjoying my vacation which seems to be endless now that I’ve tapped into a new energetic modality from my constant knowledge acquisition. I can probably talk about what I’ve been up to lately and disclose the things that have contributed to my higher state of awareness. It’s been a combination of factors that has led me to feel this sense of peace and inner fulfillment. I don’t say it has anything to do with money at all but rather a creation of structure and incremental progression that is trackable. I will let you know the tools that I use which have contributed to all of this.

Comparing my state to 3 months ago, I would say that I’m now in a state of letting go and feeling a sense of acceptance. Previously, I would be in state which leaned towards controlling things and circumstances. It is immensely freeing to be able to just let go and let things naturally resolve on its own. I have been exploring something that is connected to the Law of Attraction and manifestation. Dabbling also in a bit of quantum mechanics and parallel life lines / universes. This cool topic I decided to dive into is called Reality Transurfing and it is a book written by Vadim Zeland. He’s this cool Russian scientist guy who knows A LOT. Anyway I am currently 212 pages into his book and it has opened my perspective to many things.

I feel a sense of freedom and autonomy especially since I started exploring these quantum mechanics topics discussed in his book and the concept of changing life lines and tapping into the alternatives space field has allowed me to generate more and more freedom in my choices and behavior. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is to not place too much importance on things which creates excess potential and throws you off on your path. This was solid advice as I was always a self-help junkie who was hungry for success while putting all of that on a pedestal / assigning it a heavy sense of importance. This deviation has allowed me to become more flexible in my choices in life and create a higher state of balance in my life.

It is indeed balance that I am looking for in life rather than success now that I’ve become more mature, experienced, & cultivated compared to my previous attitudes in life. Writing has also become a lot easier too, I am simply tapping into the flow / stream of consciousness and ideas just seem to be spilling it quite effortlessly. Some people have told me that my art could be a result of manic episodes / heightened senses of creativity but I am currently really in the flow while being in quite a “normal” state. I have no trouble expressing my ideas as I once have before and I feel that I am still capable of writing one article a day like previously. However, it might time for me to take some breaks and I am still in a timeline of rejuvenation and optimization in my life.

The tools I have been using are the Habitica app which allows the gamification of your life and setting down an organized structure for all that you need to do & Evernote for taking notes on all that I learn from my infinite studies / self-education. These tools are tremendously helpful in creating change in your life as well as creating that organized structure in which everything feels as if it is under your control even though it may well not be. I’ve also created the habit / goal of reading 30 pages of a book a day which is very doable and means I can finish a book every week if I remain consistent in this habit. Also one thing I’d like to do as well is give a big shout out to Noctis Enoch who is the creator of Mind Reality. He explores all the topics that I am interested in and has opened my mind to different ideas.

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