Exploring Reality Transurfing, Talking to Parallel Selves, Kaizen for Fulfillment

Hi everyone, it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve written an article. I’ve been on a hiatus trying to find some balance ever since I started experiencing apophenia. It was a juggle of emotions and so now I am finally finding a emotional place to be able to write articles again on this website which is a database collection of potentially life-changing information if incorporated into your habitual routine. I’ve been exploring topics like Reality Transurfing which dives into parallel universes and quantum mechanics. These topics are the next level direction to go to especially when you are maxed out on the spiritual aspects of life.

Synchronicity starts to occur in everything that you do and once you master this world, there are an infinite number of worlds to explore and gather data from. The most extraordinary idea I’ve explored is the ability to telepathically communicate with versions of myself from alternate realities. A practical methodology is to establish a communication link with one of your parallel selves who have achieved something you are still trying to achieve and then that version of you can mentor you & give you the information necessary to bring you closer to what you desire in your reality.

It’s been one heck of a difference ever since I stopped the self-expression aspect of holistic life design by not writing on this website. A lot of ideas being stuck in my mind without being able to come out into the physicality cycle of sending and receiving. Exploring Reality Transurfing has introduced me to the idea of pendulums and that everything in this world is a pendulum of energy sucking almost like energetic vampires. Instead of calling them bad or good, I’ve decided to just call it a cycle of giving and receiving energy. Of course I’d love to connect more with the pendulums that benefit me and my family and friends.

Combining the concept of Reality Transurfing and the Self-Education system discussed in my past articles have been a killer combo for my overall productivity levels. There’s also this app called Habitica that I’ve started using again. It is the gamification of your life structure and allows you to level up and gather gold + experience points. It is a good way to motivate onself to be productive and get things done that are vital. Being organized gives me more focus to the mind and you feel a good high from completing items on To-Do lists and Daily quests. You can download the app on the iPhone apple store or use the website on a computer. It is accessible here: https://habitica.com/

I will definitely add this to the resources tab which has helped me accelerate my personal development growth. Aside from that, I feel motivated to write again freely because it feels like a crime to keep all this valuable information all to myself. The motivation comes from slightly from feeling guilty by doing society a disservice / being selfish with all the good stuff I currently possess. I value Holistic Life Design greatly because it is a platform with complete freedom to express who I am without any overhead or outside party trying to limit me from sharing knowledge or any aspect of myself that I find important to share with the public. Thank you God for granting me this platform.

Last message I’d like to leave for everyone today is that the continuous progress is definitely better than reaching the final destination because true joy comes from the sense of increase. Focusing on the process will bring the most pleasure and fulfillment because it allows you to build momentum to ride past all designated goals and desires. You will always have a new destination to aim for so assigning a final destination is unnecessary. It is that kaizen that really brings meaning to things that seem meaningless.

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