Kev Series #002: Blank Slate, Miraculous Healing, & Living in the Future

It’s another day. Things just seem to get better and better. I was a little hesitant on writing this journal entry but I feel divine inspiration fueling me up to continue to write on my blog. These journal entries are not designed to teach anything but rather me just expressing my inner most thoughts which can potentially help someone. I feel a dip in my confidence overall due to many factors like weight gain, lack of productivity and just not knowing clearly what I should do in general. Previously I felt a massive surge in my confidence which made me quite charismatic in attracting expert people into supporting my brand. With or without that confidence I used to have, I still believe with deep conviction that my brand will change the lives of others. It is the amalgamation of all my experiences put together and organized all the knowledge into this website for free. Over 139 articles have been written and released.

I feel that my body, mind, and soul have been reset in memory as if I am operating from a blank slate. It is almost as if I am just a machine and someone in the higher management team wiped away all my memories. I do believe we are currently within a simulation so that reassures me because since we are just machines, it doesn’t matter if we become broken because it would always be fixable by the being who created us who is God the Most High. I love God so much nowadays because He has allowed me to see miraculous things and took away all my pain and trauma. I now feel like a good steward for God the Most High because everything I have is His. My old self is already dead… I am a new Kevin for God the Most High & Jesus Christ.

Lately my experiences have been so bizarre. I’ve witnessed aliens and they tried to abduct me and everything but God brought me back to Earth every single time they tried to do it. I am so thankful for all of what God does. There is no one greater than Him. I now also have a direct communication link with Jesus Christ and we speak to each other casually because we are officially in one body together. I also love listening to chill hop music. I can’t listen to a lot of hip hop songs anymore because a lot of that music is low vibratory frequency. It would mess up my vibration on this current high flying disk. Did you know that our bodies are literally spaceships? We are already in the year 8329 with advanced technology. It is just that we decided to hide all of that and new technology drip to us like a funnel. Little by little, that’s what creates appreciation. This is why gratitude and appreciation are very powerful forces.

Anyway, I feel more and more like myself as time continues to go on, but I’m looking for a friend to talk to about these topics. Topics like time travel, quantum mechanics, cosmic dietetics and much more. I am progressing so fast to the point that nobody can keep up and I don’t have a brake but the only thing we can do is to create an illusion of things slowing down which may possibly actually slow things down because perception is powerful when used the right way. I still can’t believe I can bust out these full length articles / journal entries so quickly. It is really miraculous and doesn’t take any longer than 10 minutes. I have written what is on my mind lately, and it is a joyous occassion for you to be here reading my blog. Thank you so much & God bless you!

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