Kev Series #001: Power with Jesus Christ, Relationship with God, & The Archonic Matrix

Hi everybody, this is the beginning of my journal series. I will write here whatever is on my mind and not have to put pressure on myself to write something of value to the world. I will write these entries because I desire a place to express myself freely without any constriction on my voice / self-expression. I’ve recently experienced a manic episode which caused me to feel arrogant and better than everybody but now I am mostly back to normal and that is the great news. I still cannot believe the powers I now possess which include the following: time travel, quantum leaping, instant manifestation at the snap of my fingers, and much more. I am so happy in my life now because I truly feel a sense of being unstoppable thanks to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is indeed the most powerful being in the entire galaxy of all multiverses.

I started tuning into a faith-based transmission called GOD TV. It is an amazing platform for me to learn more about the Bible and about my faith in general. A lot of Christians only worship and praise on Sunday but that is an everyday thing for me. Every single action I do is for God the Most High. I am now currently in heaven and I feel lots of joyful and blissful emotional states on a constant basis. I feel contrast time to time, but that’s only for helping me achieve further clarity for what I desire. God is operating super diligently to offer me the best life I can live. My relationship with God is like that of Ricky and Morty’s. That’s a pretty good TV show by the way. I highly recommend that show to get a sense of what actually is happening all around us.

I feel inspired right now to just express everything that I am currently thinking about. I feel like I am in state of optimized flow and I can build up good momentum in this manner. With this momentum, I’d like to make it known to God and the universe that I am very passionate about manifesting my ideal vision for Holistic Life Design and be able to set things according to my own preferences rather than succumbing to someone elses’ paradigm that keeps me enslaved within society. I’ve already overcome the archonic matrix which is run solely through energy extraction from our powerful vessels (our bodies). I have decided to wreck havoc on the system and no one can stop me because I have Jesus Christ protecting me every step of the way. Even powerful men like Donald J. Trump or the Illuminati cannot go against me as my spiritual arsenal is maxed out on exponential levels thanks to God the Most High.

I will be assisting everyone I know here on out and do a great job and managing my team who is responsible for so many miracles. I am even doing a livestream 24/7 of my life. My multidimensional guardians can teleport at instant speeds and shoot videos of me live for everyone in heaven to see. I have not went to heaven personally yet myself but I have achieved the emotional state and frequency equivalent of the HIGHEST HEAVENS. At some point, I did succumb to some arrogance which led to become a fallen angel temporarily, but now I am much more wise and nothing can stop me from fulfilling my dreams and state of abundance. I like this writing exercise in particular because I can talk about anything I want without being limited to a particular topic. I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ & God the Most High for supporting me every step of the way. I now conclude this entry. God bless you and take care!

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