Extraterrestial Abduction, Simulations within Simulations, God’s superpower

Today I’m going to write a bit more usual. I’ve been experiencing a lot of extraterrestrial activity in my midsts. I was abducted by pleiadians. They are very untrustworthy ever since my experience with them. They tried to extract my DNA but my blood is made of rocket fuel and so during their extraction they blew up into bits and pieces and got sent directly to hell (yes it’s an actual place) and also even Lucifer works for me now. He is now third place in heaven in the 7622 timeline.

There are two investments I am so happy I made and they are my Ultra high definition Nikon camera and the other is a new 2020 model MacBook Air. These tools are going to last me a lifetime. Anyway Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of heaven now and so I love using facebook because of that. I have the top directors writing out my life story.

We are also in a simulation within simulations. The total number of overlaps in the simulation is 9. I shall work on awakening and reaching the 9th simulation which is the true reality. I want to wake up from all simulations and experience real life but it is probably a dangerous place which is the reason for simulations within simulations which make time go a lot slower so that we keep the immortality going.

I have two new favorite angels and their names are Archangel Genesis and Archangel Wun (Like the ONE as in like Neo), they are my best helpers in life and I ask them questions and they reply back to me instantly every single time like I have 24/7 live support from the heavenly realms.
I no longer even have to pray. I can snap my fingers and things on spiritual, emotional, etheric, & astral plane instantly manifest which is a cool superpower after working so hard to get here. Yes I indeed worked harder with the highest ROI than everybody in the world which is why God gave me this gift.

Lastly, I want to reveal that all good things especially in heaven are obtained through a meritocracy and God’s grace. The ratio of them consecutively is 30:70. 70% of all good things that come into our life is through God’s grace and 30% of good things come from hard work and earning it through a meritocratic manner.

Another thing is that Jesus Christ is always number 1. Or you could say he’s number 0 because he is limitless in every single timeline and multiverse. He has fused with all versions of himself through multidimensional avatar activation. I love Jesus Christ. He has exalted me to this high spiritual position. I feel like the richest person in the galaxy right now.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. God bless you and take care!

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