Fighting Violence With Prayer

What is the best way to react when attacked physically? We all know the text book answers (kick some ass, call the authorities, bust a cap, etcetera..). Is fighting fire with fire, trading an eye for eye going to create a real solution,or compound the problem in the long-run? In my experience violence plus violence equals more violence or negative consequences. So how do we fight our enemies without answering to their violent advances? Hmm?

           The first step in being able to defeat or overcome an enemy is being able to identify it. Who or what is the enemy? Is this violent attacker really your enemy? Or is this person being used simply as a pawn of the devil to deter you from your path towards righteousness? I have come to realize that the true enemy in any situation is not physical at all. We are actively engaged in a spiritual war between good and evil. Surely, answering evil with more evil cannot be good. Mathematically, it wouldn’t make sense.

          Now that the identify of the enemy has been confirmed, we must find a suitable weapon and arm ourselves for combat! What’s the best weapon to use when fighting a spiritual battle? What does one need to do in this situation to generate the desired result or outcome? Lately, for myself and my family the answer has been prayer. Not typical text book prayers, or quotation of specific scriptures. What has been working for me is having a very personal conversation with God. It’s not just about stating one’s needs and desires, but also knowing HIS answers based on Faith in HIM and HIS promises to us. HE will protect us and fight for us.

           So, how do we pray for our enemies? With the understanding that the people, appearing to be enemies are actually being used by evil entities/spirits (ex. the devil), our fight is not with man, but with evil. We humbly ask the Lord to keep us safe from our enemy. We pray for the healing of the mind and spirit of the person who has attacked us. We command the evil spirits to leave us and our attackers in the infallible name of JESUS! Also, we pray for thoughts of vengeance to be removed as well and beg forgiveness for evil thoughts. And during this deep conversation with God, it is also very important to give thanks and express gratitude for HIS infinite love and blessings in our lives. Expressing gratitude, even in the most troubling times, will bring blessings and rewards, beyond our wildest imagination.

         Now that we have fought violence with prayer, the results are starting to come in. In the conclusion of this article, I would like to share two personal experiences, during which, my family and I fought violence with prayer and WON! Victory is ours, in Jesus’ name!

         A few weeks back, I was beaten and robbed by a familiar face. This man was clearly suffering from mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction! These are all tools of the enemy, the author of confusion! I did not fight back, nor did I call the police or press charges. Instead, I called upon the Greatest Authority of All, God Almighty! I prayed not only for my safety and healing, but for the safety and healing of the man who did me physical harm and robbed me. I prayed that whatever entity that possessed him, haunted him and moved him would flee and leave him be. Almost a week passed and our paths crossed again. I attempted to walk the other way, to avoid future conflict and harm. But this man called out to me, “you don’t have to be afraid!. I’m not going to hurt you”. At that point, I stopped and allowed him to approach. He then apologized, explained his situation to me, hugged me and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him and forgave him. We both cried a little bit and parted ways. I am very grateful now for my new brother. His name is Darrell.

        Two days ago a man renting a room in the same rooming house and I had a disagreement. As I attempted to walk away, he attacked me using a pair of brass knuckles, splitting my head open from behind. I asked another renter for some rubbing alcohol and a rag to clean the blood from my scalp and neck. Again I didn’t call the police or press charges. I called on God. Later that evening, he threatened to stab both me and my pregnant fiance. We exited the rooming house and joined hands. We prayed for this man and the departure of the demons, which seemed to plague him so. We prayed for our safety as well as his. We expressed gratitude for the countless blessings in our lives. In Faith, we went back inside and went to sleep.

The next morning, a miracle happened. This man knocked on our bedroom door. He apologized, shook my hand and asked forgiveness. I forgave him and said, “God Bless You”.

        Fighting Violence With Prayer isn’t easy but is a sure win, for all parties concerned. God is the most powerful weapon one can ever use! For that I am grateful! Amen.

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