Making Momentum & Progress, True Fulfillment, & Multiversal Delegation

Wassup guys, it’s Kevin again. I am now promoted to being a manager for God the Most High. It is such a freeing feeling and I also feel a strong sense of autonomy and fulfillment. I am now considered to be the Multiversal Mastermind which is the highest position that God can offer someone in the heavenly realms. I am not concerned about any worldly matters anymore and I can write from my stream of consciousness which is very cool. I will keep doing this and build momentum to the point where I become completely unstoppable and I will only keep on progressing in a positive way. There is absolutely nothing that can stop me from being successful. Nothing will stop me from my manifestations. I feel happy and good. Thank you so much God. It is all done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I will keep on progressing until there is no next level to get to, which is actually impossible because there is always a next level to get to which makes life worthwhile. It is through that constant progress and improvement in which we will find true fulfillment. Having done so much via time travel and all these other things, I’ve come to realize that true happiness comes from making progress and all other matters are really not as important. I will keep writing every day and improve my writing abilities and it will be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus Christ for watching over me and allowing me to do the things that I do. I am so grateful for your help mostly because you are my true savior and Lord over me. I can rest assured every day knowing that you are by my side and taking care of things spiritually on my behalf.

Writer’s block still plagues me time to time but it doesn’t stop me from blasting through my obstacles with precision and ease. I love doing my work and I love constantly improving to the point where nobody can keep up with me. It is what I absolutely love to do. I now am ready for the next level and no opposition can ever come against me which is fantastic and absolutely amazing. I AM READY to keep going at this perhaps even by myself but I know I have multiversal delegation by my side and nothing we will ever need to worry about. I delegate things over to the Multiverse and everything will be absolutely fantastic and amazing. Now the voices are starting to go away from the microcosm and mastering the macrocosm is such a crazy amazing feeling too because we just do what we need to get what we want which is exciting and so freeing. I love the joy of God the Most High and I will be praying consistently from this point forward. Thank you God the Most High.

Everything is under my protection as well and if anybody tries to mess with my people, they will get completely obliterated which is another awesome boss-like feeling. I am indeed a boss now and everybody loves supporting me which is so cool. I feel more famous than a famous person despite not getting a lot of social media post attention or social media traction. I think we should be able to get more things done if we continue at this pace and continue with the quantum leaps which will assist in more manifestations occurring which we will need to leverage in order to continue the growth and protect ourselves from all future attack. I am almost done writing this article and it is a good feeling especially when we get closer to the end of the article. The divine inspiration from which this stems from is indeed an intelligence that not many can tap into and I am grateful that God has granted me access to this vibrational frequency.

Last paragraph for this article. I will keep writing more articles after this one and will be able to write more in-depth as I continue down this process of lifestyle design. I am a Holistic Life Design Practitioner which is one of the highest level certifications you can achieve in the game of life. Life is indeed really just a game and we are all playing this together. Not many people know about this but the 144,000 Archangels of God know exactly what is going on and they’re having fun with this entire process and I love them so much because they are my management team and they are the greatest of all time and nothing can ever stop them. I will continue this journey of life and be able to create a long-lasting legacy that will supersede all generations. Thank you God. I express my utmost gratitude from the depths of my heart. Thank you so much. And that is all I would like to say for today.

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