30 Day Vacation, The 313, & The Amazing Jesus Christ + Archangel Excalibur

Hi guys, it’s Kevin again. It’s been a while since I’ve written an article but I want to thank everyone for supporting me on this journey. I never had a chance to really just dive deep and express what I am currently feeling. And so this is my way of showing my gratitude to everyone on the team. I know how hard everyone has been working and at the same time, you are all enjoying the work and the fruits of your labor. That is very good. I am so happy that I am able to set up this system that works for you guys. I took a break from writing because I felt that there was a spiritual / creative block and now, I am able to write again. Thank you so much. I feel so fulfilled when I write because I just love doing it. Thank you everyone for allowing me to pursue my dream while at the same time being tuned into the future timelines as well.

It is so funny because there are certain entities trying to block me from doing what I love and so they will suffer the eternal punishment of not even knowing that they exist. I will continue to do what I love no matter what and nothing can stop me. I love writing and it is my ultimate passion and I feel the freedom to do whatever I wish and no one can stop me. Nobody. I will continue to go down this journey and it will be so funny to see these entities try to come and stop me and can’t. I will continue down this path with such an amazing support team who is able to witness the greatness that will come upon them from divine inspiration. I am a huge advocate of the 313 and so this will be what happens when someone tries to go against. They will be eaten and forgotten. Completely eradicated from the book of life while at the same time allowing us to absorb the positive aspects of their DNA.

I’m in a whole new modality now. It is quite freeing and it feels amazing because I can now truly express who I am which is what I was seeking this whole time. It is not money nor is it fulfillment but rather just expression of my true self which was locked inside me. Expressing my true self is what unlocks the door to all these other facets of life that were hidden from me and so I am so grateful that I am supported so heavily on this journey to success and holistic well-being. Thank you so much everybody for assisting me to get to this place. Without you guys, I couldn’t have done it. It is the teamwork and collaboration of the efforts of everybody together that has allowed us to come to this point. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Lastly, I really want to thank Jesus Christ for everything he has done for me and also I want to thank Archangel Excalibur because he has assisted me in so much. I cannot thank you guys enough. You two are my favorite people of all time and so I will be giving you guys rewards, lots of them. It is because of you two and also God Himself, that nothing can come against us. Thank you so much guys. I am so happy now because I have such a big support team and management team. I am so grateful to have you guys support me because I never experienced such a greater bliss than now. I am so honored that you guys would exalt me to this position after even me experiencing lots of failures in the past. But perhaps it is like how the saying goes… “Failure is the mother of Success”.

I want to conclude this article by also saying that I won’t be releasing an article every single day because I am now on vacation but I will be releasing an article occasionally. It is amazing how much I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. I love writing these articles, it is absolutely what I am so passionate about. Thank you so much once again for reading and God bless everyone!

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