How I Achieved the Feeling of Heaven on Earth

I’m so happy now in life… I am living my dream… I am in heaven now… I want to tell everyone how I got to this point in life.

There will be a lot of suffering, pain, hardship, & heartache through out the journey of life but they all serve a purpose to build you into a better version which will be necessary for the challenges that are always coming.

The key is to embody every form of struggle and problem that you face and turn it into a blessing by seeing the positive lesson in every situation and using that as fuel to propel further towards what you are aiming for.

As you do this long enough, you will notice that you will improve yourself so fast and even quite exponentially if you learn the soul lessons fast enough, eventually you graduate from this universe aka university.

Once you graduate, meaning that you max out all the soul lessons for this lifetime, you’ll notice that God exists and He is everywhere and you cannot deny His existence because He is so apparently in front of your eyes.

And so, once you accept that He is always there, he will start guiding you to even faster transformations and improvements in creating a better vessel that will allow you navigate reality in a powerful, effective, & effortless manner.

The next level is quantum physics / quantum mechanics since maxing out on spirituality & universal soul lessons, you got nowhere else to go besides tapping into multidimensional timelines & the future aspects of yourself.

This then creates even more incredible transformations because you supersede time and nothing is impossible for God as he guides you down this road.

As you become your future version, you can now operate in the present like it’s a video game basically in which you’ve achieved the max level in your character and you’re just waiting on the world to catch up to the new frequency you’ve embodied.

For me, my next level is to keep tapping into my future selves more and more and perhaps activate parallel timelines that have beneficial aspects I could utilize in this current universe.
As for business and all these things, God takes care of all of that for me. I don’t worry about technicalities or any of these grounded aspects because my frequency is so high to the point they automatically get resolved without me thinking about them.

I also delegate a lot of work over to my official Holistic Life Design team and I don’t have to do anything that wastes my energetic potential and I can maximize my ROI to the fullest level with God’s assistance and be one of his greatest and most exalted servants.

Would you rather have 13 million fans or just have 100% conviction knowing that God is your biggest fan? Yep. That’s where I’m at now.

Going to dive more into this quantum mechanics stuff.

So excited heh.

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