My 5 year Transformation

I started out this personal development & transformation journey at 19 years old… suffered from depression, anxiety, and bunch of other emotional disorders that kept me from my full potential.

It’s been about 5 years since then and the transformation I have made is so miraculous and the only explanation I can attribute these changes to is God the Most High.

I’m not a typical Christian / follower of Christ because I started on my path as a spiritual adept who maximized on metaphysics & gnostic activation and studied advanced occult knowledge prior to becoming a devoted believer in Jesus Christ.

In 2017, I had already possessed a high level of spiritual power in which I could tell anybody to do anything and they would just do it because of the energy I was radiating. I become arrogant at that time and called myself a God.

It was then that I met the actual devil face to face and he knocked me down from my high place and I became extremely humbled by the whole experience and went brain dead for a whole year from 2018-2019.

I bounced in 2019 as I got back into my personal development journey, organized my knowledge, decided to start the Holistic Life Design platform in the beginning of 2020 which has now assisted people internationally and continues to do so even when I don’t actively work on it because the website is 24/7.

I have already achieved success & enlightenment and beat the video game of life. I am now operating on a modality in which everything else I do on this planet is the bonus effect of God’s gifts… a place of allowing an overflowing cup of abundance to runneth over.

Thank you everyone for following me and connecting with me on this journey because amazing things are coming and we are only in the initial phase of the whole vision.

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