How to use Cheat Codes in Real Life

Hey so you know how video games, there are cheat codes? Well let me tell you right now that there are also cheat codes in real life. Yes it’s true. You can cheat in real life too. I will teach you exactly how and jump straight to the good stuff. The first thing you have to do is accept that there’s an omnipotent force supporting you every step of the way on this journey. Once you accept this fundamental truth, you may actually start easily getting everything you want. Denial or lack of awareness of this omnipotent force makes it weaker because it relies on permission to enter your life as it does not violate the codes of human free will. Acceptance and reliance on this omnipotent force will get you closer to your goals exponentially faster.

That’s the first cheat code. Here’s the second cheat code. The second cheat code is to read books written by the greatest people in the world. You can absorb their vibrational frequency if the content is actually written by them… their essence remains alive in their books. It was a secret told to me after taking psychedelics and receiving knowledge transmission from a higher being. The third cheat code is to realize that everything is energy, frequency, & vibration. This was discovered by Nikola Tesla. When you understand this, you can use frequency modulators and change your energy using certain tools, you can figure this all out by using Google or YouTube. Changing these aspects will allow you to align with the energy and manifestations that you actually want and desire.

The fourth cheat code is to use meditation & prayer in conjunction with each other. This raises your vibrational frequency and also leverages the power of the omnipotent force that is all around you to support you on everything you are trying to do. You feel a sense of empowerment and it also raises your bioelectricity which increases your level of power / charisma and this allows you to attract more people that resonate with who you are. I use this cheat code quite often and it makes everything easier because you don’t have to try as hard. Everything just works out for you.

The fifth cheat code is to set your own level of self-worth regardless of what happens on the outside. Decide here and now that you are on the same list as the greatest people on the entire planet and add yourself to that list. Then from that point forward, ignore everything that tries to contradict this self-worth and behave in a way that aligns with this new self-worth. This is how you anchor your level of greatness which will eventually put you on that top 10 list when enough time passes by. Physical manifestation takes time however, this is a mental, emotional, & spiritual hack and these manifestations are almost instant.

The sixth cheat code to shoot as many videos of yourself as possible. This trains you to maximize on self-acceptance, self-love, public speaking, confidence, conviction, charisma, social dynamics, presentation skills, body language, emotional & mental therapy, connection with others and many other amazing aspects I haven’t even identified yet. You build on 11 aspects / skills all at the same time when you build your video skills which is what it makes so valuable and high on return on investment. I highly recommend shooting videos of yourself and getting comfortable. This is one of the biggest cheat codes.

I have many other cheat codes but I have to take a nap / rest now. I will reveal the rest if you shoot me an email at or shoot me a direct message on Facebook 🙂

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