You and the universe. Take a step outside and hold your head high, take a breath and feel the sun on your face and the grass on your feet. How long has it been since you’ve been barefoot outside and enjoyed it? Think of change as a comfort, for it’s the one thing other than death that is inevitable.

 In a society where social media has become a competition, it is easy to feel lost. Especially when social media is everywhere and not everybody wants to compete. But you can harness change and use it as a lesson as well as a stepping stone. Are you the type to give up easily when a skill doesn’t come naturally? It’s very common, but think about not only learning that skill but the patience and self discipline you learn along with it. Personally, I’ve been so tired of feeling lost and finally started reading the signs. The best thing one can do is trust in the progress, and make that process an enlightening one; realizing and accepting the existence of a higher level of consciousness that exists outside your physical boundaries will make your process and your power in it become much clearer. This is not saying that, for example, all things are conscious. Having a higher power means knowing there is a force in the universe more powerful than we, whatever it may be. Having a sense of a higher power will often assist in a persons realizing the meaning of life is within finding it and acting positively because of it. Be nice to your plants, to your pets and to the people around you. The two things that matter the most in this world are you and the people you love. One day you will wake up in the morning and it will hit you that at any second you can change your life forever, and although the forces of the universe are powerful, unfathomable and weird you too have a power. 

Studies show being in the sun for 5-15 minutes a day every day will make someone a happier person, as well as walking barefoot outside on grass, sand or rock (rather than areas like patio or sidewalk). Experience the electromagnetic energy coming from the ground, from nature and ground yourself in the earths energy. Use it to stabilize yourself. Breath forest air and talk to yourself once in awhile. Bring in fresh flowers and plants to your home and office to experience a connection to the outside while you’re spending time inside. Regularly place fresh flowers and potted plants around your home and office to experience a connection to the outside while you’re spending time inside. Indoor plants offer health benefits and will remind you of the beauty of outside, purify your air and strengthen your productivity and creativity. Surrounding yourself with plants will energize you by reminding you how you’re connected to the natural world even when you’re indoors. The planet is alive, just like us! 

The more we connect to Earth’s energy, the more we can see the benefits that have always been around. Our ancestors spent a good chunk of time in nature, she’s our creator after all, so it is natural to feel more connected to nature and feel happier while surrounded by trees, insects and animals. We are not too different from nature and I consider it a less egotistical and wounded version of ourselves. Nature is the part of you that knows how to live in the moment and understands your connection with all that is. Return to this part of yourself as often as needed to remember who and what you really are. Find peace in the reminder that we ARE nature and not separate from it and with this knowledge blossom into who you want to be.

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