How To Feel Better After A Negative Experience

We go through thousands of experiences every day. When an experience makes us feel bad or is not according to our expectations we call it a negative experience. Most of the times someone else is the reason for our negative experience. The person doesn’t perform an activity or said something like we want him to makes our experience negative.

There are two ways we can deal with this kind of negative experience. First is to understand that the action which is causing the experience is performed somewhere else but the negative experience is within ourselves. If we can see this gap then it is easy to understand that we may not have control on the actions being performed by someone else outside our body but we must have control or at least we must be aware that we are experiencing the consequences of an external event inside us. So, if we really want we can manipulate this experience in our favour because it’s going on in our body or mind. If we are aware we can have full control above our experience. We can choose not to feel negative when something doesn’t happen the way we want it to!

Another way to deal with it, is to understand that we are independent creature. So, someone else doing something and our emotions are being disrupted then it is a sign of slavery! For example- if you are going walking on road and somebody orders you that you can’t walk on this road! Will you return? I think none of us will. Because we are independent and no one can compel us to do something we don’t want to! So how can you allow someone else to compel you feel negative. Your emotions should be in your control not in anybody else’s, isn’t it so.

Sometimes we ourselves are the reason for our negative experience. Only reason to feel negative due to ourselves is when we don’t perform according to our own expectations. Now, please understand when a child learn to walk he fumbles many times. You encourage him when he fumbles , you don’t scold him. Is the same child not within all of us? Think for a while. Yes it is! So, treat yourself as a child ,love yourself like a child and encourage yourself when you fumble! Just remind yourself that journey is more joyful than the destination. Your life will be set.

If the above methods work for you, you are good to go. If not then whenever you fell feel negative due to someone else take him into your imagination and do whatever you want to do with him! You can beat him, scold him, anything that takes the negativity out of you! But there is a Caution don’t do this always try to rely on above two methods because doing something negative with someone will only increase the negativity in long run. You can do it when you don’t have any option or the negativity is too much but only once or twice.

2 thoughts on “How To Feel Better After A Negative Experience

  1. It is such a vast area. Myself, I’ve experienced negative events numerous times like others’ have.

    Like you said, we all have choice. Choice, it is what divides a sentient being from a programmed one.

    We can choose to see any situation how we wish. Yes, there are those who choose to perceive situations in the negative by default and vice-versa.

    Situations, they arise and it is in the choosing of how to feel and respond that positivity or negativity can arise. I make mistakes, sometimes I choose bad despite knowing better. I do often though choose to learn from experiences. The finding of positives in hindsight. That is helpful.

    There are two scenarios I have ran into often where negativity came about. The first, it was ‘downing tools’ and getting caught up in the mundane life, with my spiritual doings taking back seat. In letting those mundane life events have constant focus, I withered spiritually.

    The other scenario is when one feels negative out of the blue even though one may be doing lots of spiritually uplifting things and not making obvious stupid choices. It in those cases other beings may be projecting negativity/negative thoughts onto one. When one accepts those things, they become the reality for one.

  2. This is amazing! I’m literally nodding my head in agreement as I read each paragraph haha.

    You’re a genius Nikhil, interpersonally and in terms of holistic health. Please keep writing and posting, I can’t wait to see how this project develops 🙂

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