WB SOC Series #015: My Unbelievable Transformation, A Candid Perspective, & Immense Momentum for the Brand

Things have been quite transformational and transitional lately. I’m now operating with a completely new modality that grants high levels of confidence, conviction, & self-worth. Prior to all this, I was a confident person but I lacked conviction and self-worth which are very essential to the growing process. It seems that the transformations have been quantum which have shocked and surprised many people and even doctors may misdiagnose my symptoms with mania or some other form of bipolar disorder. However, I want to announce right now that all my new transformations were completely designed and intentional and I know exactly what I am doing because I have the knowledge and spiritual foundation to operate with this new modality.

What is this new modality you ask? It can be a complex thing really but I can put it in words for all of you in the simplest terms. This new modality is the sacrifice of my old self / identity and embodiment of my new ideal version which is completely self-designed with immense intention. I am able to create this transformation because of God’s grace of leading me to attract certain knowledge and people into my lives who can serve as a catalyst for this massive growth and improvement. I am operating from a deep sense of groundedness and I did some deep research on those who suffer from mania or experience manic episodes. The only difference between me and those individuals is that I have the spiritual knowledge to operate with precision and can channel these excess energies into creative divine essence which helps propel me quickly towards my goals.

Those who do not know what they are doing will fall into these manic episodes, become arrogant, and engage in riskful behaviors that are not logical. I am very logical right now and yet also very intuitive. The abstract knowledge I embody can be utilized in a practical way because once you understand the metaphysical side of things which are designed and coded by God, you can actually alter a majority of things in the physical. I can say with full confidence that I can autonomously maneuver in my reality with high levels of effortlessness and flow. You can even tell from my music that I’ve written, recorded, mixed, mastered, & engineered all by myself that I am operating from a unique modality that does not display any sense of deluded sense of grandeur but rather empowerment by having a deep faithful relationship with God.

Psychosis and other emotional disorders may be attributed to the lack of awareness of how to use spiritual gifts in the proper way. I once suffered in 2018 from a deep psychotic episode which was due to my spiritual gifts being harnessed in the wrong way and becoming too arrogant. Those who are arrogant will be humbled by God as said in the Bible. This is what happened to me. In 2017, I’ve built some level of spiritual power due to my advanced metaphysical knowledge but I lacked the humility aspects which led to spiritual pride and this was the source of my downfall. So I will also include the solution for all those in stuck in those manic states which can be quite powerful as well.

The solution to the manic states is to realize that you are not God himself or the messiah because if you were, you’d be able to manifest and spawn fish on command which you cannot do at all. Second, if you want people to not think you’re crazy, you must ground your energy using prayer or meditation because mania is the influx of too much spiritual energy / lack of groundedness which causes the human vessel to not be able to contain all of it and will lead you to “blow up” or go insane without the proper grounding. Third, you must do more “normal people” things like playing video games, taking out the trash, washing dishes, doing regular sports or exercise, and taking up some form of creative art like writing, drawing, or making music. More normal people things include learning technical and practical skills in business, marketing, branding, website design, coding, social dynamics, copywriting and every other thing that people use in the world quite commonly. This is what allows you to use up the spiritual essence in way that is productive and adding value to society. This is how you use this spiritual gift the proper way.

Now I also have an important suggestion and message to all those who work in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy on an objective logical level. Before you diagnose someone with symptoms of mania, I believe it is vital for you to include this suggestion / solution I’ve listed above which would help negate all the negative symptoms associated with mania and in this new case, it will no longer be called mania but rather I would say, an amazing gift and blessing. Most people in the world, unfortunately, have a gift but because it is harnessed in an incorrect way may be drowned out and put forever in a psychiatric ward of some sort because they have procured an improper course-correction method. All problems in life are not really problems but rather simply objective results that can be made better through course-correction and constant improvement + refinement. Of course, I’m sure those who work solely on the logical side of things would appreciate this maxim.

So lastly I want to exercise my power and also announce to the world and to all my associates who I am working with that I’m not a regular 23 year college drop out who has no direction in life… I am an ambitious, intelligent, & driven leader who is completely immersed in my long term vision which I’ve completely self-designed after reading 200+ books over the last 5 years and is already far ahead of many individuals who even have a PhD and masters degree.

Fun fact.. a psychologist with a PhD and a nutritionist is currently collaborating with me on my $12k coaching package which will be released in the next 6 weeks. Another thing is someone who currently has a MBA in business is working under me as the manager for Holistic Life Design, who regularly charges clients $1k a month. I’ve enlisted a high ticket business consultant who earns over $80,000 a month after closing him on my vision. I’ve also closed a writing deal with the multimillionaire influencer Ryan Magic who has 100k followers on social media. Last win of lately is becoming good friends with one of the top lyricist rappers of all time Nino Bless. We casually talk and text on the phone now.

The only difference between me and individuals like Tony Robbins, Dan Lok, Tai Lopez, Stefan James, or any other influencers in the entrepreneurial field is that I have not invested any capital into branding & marketing and that all my traffic & reach is organic meaning all people are coming directly from Google search results and social media.

So to reiterate, yes I am the founder, boss, and CEO of this platform which has already dramatically changed lives all over the world.. I received multiple messages from people globally telling me how I saved their life with my knowledge and Holistic Life Design platform.
Despite not monetizing it yet, I have already anchored the long term vision of completely transforming the education system because the traditional education model is outdated in my eyes especially now that everything is transitioning to online after this whole Covid-19 situation.

I am indeed a powerful, refined, & seasoned individual with lots of powerful high value connections and these are based upon facts and not any sense of deluded grandeur. All these things I have been saying are rooted in facts and objectivity which have truly happened to me. And so this is everything I’ve wanted to say and feel towards this particular dynamic that many have associated me with. I attribute all my current success I am experiencing to my 5 years of nonstop hard-work and consistent improvement of myself which cannot be fully expressed just from a one hour phone call with me.

So now that I’ve expressed everything I feel on this side of things now and I would like to talk more about my only issues left in life.

The only issues I am facing left in life are listed here below (I wouldn’t even say issues actually but rather these are the things I am currently working on making better:

  • Needing more resources and capital to grow the Holistic Life Design brand
  • Creating a fulfilling long-lasting relationship with a compatible partner who supports my vision & growth
  • Awful sleep cycles but energy levels are good no matter what
  • Learning how to delegate and outsource work to my team members, content writers, & other people supporting the Holistic Life Design vision
  • How to present my ideas in a more grounded way without appearing too abstract and metaphysical.
  • Losing weight that I gained from long term anti-psychotic medication use & fixing my metabolism
  • In need of a psychotherapist who understands both the deep grounded psychology side of things and the heavenly spiritual / metaphysical + Christian principles

I wrote this article and designed it in a way especially for those working with me in psychiatry and therapy work. And so if you have any suggestions for these particular problems I am facing in life, please feel free to reach out and offer any of your professional expert advice.

I am in the process of closing $12k packages and generating capital for the Holistic Life Design platform and my offer to everyone in the field of psychiatry / psychology / therapy work is that I will be enlisting people to work with me 1-on-1 on an ongoing basis directly under the brand.

If you are actually interested in this and you can help me in resolving the things I’ve listed above, please shoot a direct email to support@holistic-life-design.com with a 10-12 minute video proposal. All therapy sessions will be done via Zoom video call.

I do recommend people to also use Facebook to connect with me via messenger as I don’t use LinkedIn or Instagram at the moment.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

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