Motivation- a packet of energy that can alter your emotions to create some new beliefs or destroy some old ones if given at a regular interval. Energy can be drawn from anyone or anything but it has two faces- it can be creative or destructive depending upon the intent of the sender and receiver. That’s why it is important to keep in mind that when you are motivating someone then what’s his intent and same when you are being motivated by someone.

If you are a motivational speaker then you must keep in mind that whom are you motivating and for what. Suppose you tell in your speech that set the world to fire and if the prospect takes it literally the consequences are going to be fatal. So keep your target audience in your mind.

If you are a motivational seeker you must look for the authenticity of the speaker that what is he saying is he experiencing that or just saying because he has read it somewhere. Though it’s hard to find but if you pay some attention you can.

Why is it important for him to experience that?

Well that’s because motivation is an energy it’s not just set of words so keep in mind that if you are seeking motivation from some person then he must be in a certain state otherwise he can damage your energy state. There are speaker who say very good things but are unable to feel. They are themselves struggling to make their livelihood and motivating you about money . That’s not gonna work. So seeking motivation from person in right energy state is necessary.

The most interesting part about motivation is that we can seek it from anything. So when you are in a low vibration you can spend some time with nature. Nature is the best and most affordable motivation provider and it’s always available to everyone. Spending some time in a park in the morning, having some sunlight,taking a shower are some easy ways to stay in high frequency. You can plant a seed and when it germinates wohoo man that teaches you all the life lessona for free! When you plant the seed there iheno visible progress in it for 2-3 weeks that motivates you to have patience, when you see the first sight of plant germinating it gives you the taste of initial success and when you take care of that plant and nurture it, it teaches you to add consistent value to get consistent results. When that plant reproduces and give you more plants man that feeling is awesome you are like on automation mode you are doing the same stuff but getting compounding effect over the period of time.

Another great source of motivation is a “Dog”. Of you own one just observe it closely. You will be amazed to see it’s combative nature. Even if you don’t want to play with it ,it will make you play with it’s consistent love and playfulness. You can motivate yourself for great sales skills from dogs.

Taking action

Some people watch motivation videos for whole day and still need dose of motivation the next day. This is due to their inability to take actions. If you watch a motivational video you must take some action before watching the other one otherwise it will work only as a placebo and you will be addicted to having more information. It’s the consistent action and resultsthat motivates us to the next level. So, don’t forget to take consistent actions otherwise you will only be wasting your time watching motivational videos or attending motivational seminars. Be a doer!

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