My Absolute Truth For My Reality

When you master your emotional state & become awakened, you’re really living in a whole different world compared to what the media is trying to tell you about how awful it is
Right now I seem like I’m in a dream of having everything I desire. It is literally heaven on earth for me right now despite the Covid-19 virus or any other chaos that people consume into their minds.

Another thing I’ve learned is that, if the news ever gets big enough, it will actually find you. You don’t have to go looking through the “news” to get informed which is programmed to be negative always because that’s how they generate viewership unless you are a journalist or news anchor.

Your Facebook feed & wall is your vision board. What you feed your mind is what you will sow into all your manifestations. It is mind over matter because we are created in the image of God the Most High.

Technology can be used to serve you when used the proper way instead of us being a slave to technology and operating like herds of sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the elites who work directly for Satan.

Some people may call me “skewed”, “biased”, or someone who “bypasses negativity” but the truth of the matter is I’m someone with a certain amount of intelligence and can perceive truth. I’m not doing the things I do for no reason.

I’ve read over 200+ books in these last 5 years on topics such as quantum mechanics, metaphysics, spirituality, success philosophy, law of attraction, theology, life mastery, personal development, energetics and so much more.

My understanding of life is quite simplified actually. Everything positive comes from God and everything negative comes from Satan. You’re either working for God or working for Satan intentionally or unintentionally and knowingly or unknowingly.

As someone who can see the intangibles in all things which God has given me a gift of, I’ve dissected every single element of success down to all its intangibles categorized in the sky aspects & grounded aspects of it.

I’ve had a very insightful conversation on the phone with someone who has had a certain level of success and I have also obtained a certain level of success myself as well, and I’ve concluded that success makes up these following intangibles:

Sky Aspects:
* Level of Blessings (Some people call it Karma)
* Divine Timing & Synchronicity
* Manifestation skills & understanding universal laws
* Spiritual Essence & Development / Cultivation
* Your Overall Focus & Mastery of your Attention
* Your level of Faith in God / the Universe / a Higher Power
* Confidence & Conviction in yourself + your vision (Self-worth)
* Gratitude + Savoring the Present moment
* High emotional state / High vibrational frequency
* Spiritual Knowledge Accumulation
* Love, Compassion, Righteousness, & Power (High Charisma)
* Divine Inspiration

Grounded Aspects:
* Hard work + Consistent Action
* Inheritance & DNA
* Mentorship / Admirable Influences
* Character (Personal Development)
* Networking skill & social dynamics
* Success philosophy
* Resilience to Adversity & Negativity
* Clear Intangible Analysis (Dissecting success into all of its pieces and working on all its elements)
* Resources & Financial + Social Capital
* Delegation & Outsourcing – Leveraging other People
* Branding & Marketing – Increasing your perceived value
* Your physical health, daily energy level, & well-restedness
* Your physical looks & overall appearance
* Practical / Technical Knowledge Accumulation
* Your interest / intrigue level in other people & Overall integrity (Curiosity & Honesty)
* Motivation / Drive

There might be more intangibles that I am currently unaware of, so if you guys have any additional to add, please shoot it in the comments below.

I am blessed with this knowledge not because of my own strife but rather because of God’s grace.

Now externally, I might not appear to be someone who’s super successful and super rich however, I have cultivated the skill of internal fulfillment to extremely high levels which is not something money can buy.

And the truth is I’ve come to the realization that I’m completely way ahead of my time and I am waiting for the world to catch up to my vibrational frequency. I will continue what I do passionately even when there is not much external feedback because my true validation is from God. One view from God is better than having a million views from people.

This is also coming from a place of conviction, confidence & high humility. Arrogance can no longer reside in me because of a serious mistake I’ve made back in 2017 which left me brain dead for an entire year. It took only 1 year for me to recover to this level which is a miracle on its own.

I am in a huge position of power right now despite not being a rich famous person.
One small action can lead to a domino effect / chain reaction on a quantum level that reshapes the whole reality entirely just by changing one persons’ life.

Those are the basics of quantum mechanics.

I am currently waiting on the divine timing to help me build the rest of these success intangibles which will make me the greatest optimal servant for God the Most High.

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