People’s First Impression of Me

I believe the first thing people notice about me is that I’m someone who has been through extraordinary circumstances.
that is my reason I know so much at 23 years old with a very deep understanding and a lot of people much older than me respect me & my growth.
My mom & dad are over twice my age and soemtiems even I coach them on personal development, spirituality, & emotional well-being and just how to be happy and appreciative in general.
So i’m really grateful to all of you who see my value and appreciate me as a person and my skills and abilities and knowledge as well. It’s been a very tough journey for me and coming to this point was an extremely difficult process.
I’m no longer even surprised that I have connections & even casual friendships with celebrities, influencers, millionaires & just high performance / high quality individuals in general.
The amount of suffering I went thorugh for my current manifestations are ENORMOUS which is what propelled all of these massive transformations in who I am as a person.
My old social circle was full of people just holding me back in my growth which was why I had to dismantle everything and start from scratch.
All the new people I’ve attracted in this last month are amazing, supportive, & fantastic. I’ve never felt this supported in my entire life. It was also quite a lonely journey as well because I was always studying knowledge by myself and learning all these advanced topics for the last 5 years with no one to share it with who could understand me.
Felt like an alien literally haha.
This led me to start my blog which was directly inspired by God.
After starting this blog, everything just started to change because it is my absolute passion even bigger than music which is one of my talents / skills as well.
Because it charged me up emotionally, I felt this to be one of my major transition points in life.
I started naturally attracting all these cool people just because of that and everything is shifting dramatically like on a quantum level.
All in all, I am so grateful to God for blessing me and giving all these supportive and positive friends who can understand me.

If you’re interested in what I currently do,
You can also email me at or just shoot me a DM on Facebook. I’m a super humble guy. I love connecting with everyone.
Just don’t be overly negative and you should probably be okay. I’m trying to practice unconditional love, kindness, & compassion for God right now even if you are haha 🙏💙

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